Plastic Surgery Cost and Financing

We are dedicated to providing quality, caring service and aim to keep our fees as reasonable as possible. At your initial consultation, you will be provided with a detailed quotation tailored to your individual requests and requirements.

Plastic Surgery Cost Toronto

Hourglass Tummy Tuck
– Mini
– Full

$6000 – $7500
$8750 – $12000
Lower Body Lift $15000 – $20000
Breast Augmentation
with Fat Transfer
with Implants

$10000 – $14000
$7250 – $8750
Breast Augmentation with Implants and Lift $11500 – $13000
Mastopexy Breast Lift $3000 – $8500
Breast Reduction $8000 – $10000
Gynaecomastia Treatment Male Breast Reduction $6000 – $8000
Brazilian Butt Lift $8000 – $15000
Liposuction (Price determined by area and number) $3000 – $10000
Brachioplasty Arm Lift $8750 – $10000
Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift
– Lower Lids Only
– Upper Lids Only
– Upper & Lower Lids

$3750 – $4500
$3500 – $4000
$6750 – $8000
Otoplasty Ear Surgery $6000
Rhinoplasty $8000 – $10000
Browlift $7000
Facelift (Skin only, Short Scar or Full) $9000 – $20000
Buccal Pad Removal $4000
Lip Lift $2500 – $3000
Chin Implant $4000
Fat Transfer to the Face $6000 – $7500
InstaLift Thread Lift
(We are the first clinic in Canada to offer this!)
Special Introductory Price to Canada

Brow – $1200
Midface – $2000
Jawline – $2100
Brow & Midface – $3000
Brow & Jawline – $3100
Midface & Jawline – $3800
Brow, Midface & Jawline – $4600
BOTOX Cosmetic $13/unit
Injectable Fillers
– Bellafil®
– Juvéderm Volbella®
– Juvéderm Volift®
– Juvéderm Voluma®
– Juvéderm Volux®
– Revanesse®

$750 /syringe
$750 /syringe
$775 /syringe
$650 /syringe
Sculptra Nonsurgical Facelift $900/vial
No Surgery Butt Lift Sculptra $6000/session
Sculptra (generic) $4000/ session

Plastic Surgery Financing

Patients can choose to finance their plastic surgical procedure(s), if needed. Financing breaks down the cost of your procedure(s) into more manageable payments made on a biweekly or monthly schedule. We can help facilitate this process through our partners in patient care at the following companies: Credit Medical, Medicard, Paybright (formerly Health Smart), and Beautifi. These financing companies are some of the largest providers in Canada and have a long standing reputation.

Our patients find the application process easy. Once your procedure(s) has been determined, your financing company covers the related costs. Then, you simply have to make payments based on the schedule outlined.

You can also apply directly and get pre-approved from the comfort of your own home, anytime and anywhere. Simply click the logo of your preferred financing company below. The links will take you to their respectie site where you can file an application and obtain a response on whether financing is possible for you.


Financing allows you to undertake your cosmetic surgery treatment without worrying about budget restrictions. A variety of financing terms and convenient monthly payments are available.