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Sculpsure Toronto Warmsculpting Fat Reduction

Are you unsatisfied by the appearance of stubborn fat that won't respond to diet and exercise? Have you recently decided to get in shape in your adult life but can't seem to shed the last few pounds? If you are unsatisfied by the appearance of problem fat, and are looking for an effective solution to tighten and sculpt your body, there is now an advanced treatment available to you. With the innovative technology used in Toronto SculpSure body contouring treatments, you can achieve a slimmer and toned silhouette.

A study published in the medical journal, Lasers in Science and Medicine, reports that this treatment can achieve a 24% reduction of fat cells in the target area. In Journal of Dermatological Surgery, 96% of patients treated with SculpSure were happy with their treatment.

What is SculpSure?

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SculpSure is an advanced laser treatment that is designed to effectively target and eliminate the appearance of problem fat on a cellular level. This non-invasive procedure is an FDA and Health Canada cleared and customizable treatment for successfully targeting and destroying fat cells. You can achieve the firm shape you desire with this safe and quick remedy that reduces fat without knives, medicine or downtime. Unlike surgery, there's no pain, no needles and no recovery needed. SculpSure has provided our patients with fantastic results!

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* Results may vary

SculpSure Toronto is our preferred technology for nonsurgical fat removal. We find that it works better than other comparable body fat removal technologies on the market today, with the added bonus of being more budget-friendly. Our patients are able to get rid of their unwanted fat quite comfortably, without pain.

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Destroys fat cells for good

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* Results may vary

SculpSure non invasive body contouring is growing in popularity as more and more patients get the bodies they desire by getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat with a non surgical cosmetic procedure.

SculpSure treatment is safe, effective, easy to achieve optimal results. You can even do it during your lunch break away from work! While it does take 6 weeks or more to see results, there's no painful recovery time that'll require you to take time away from your job.

The innovative laser technology destroys fat cells and gets rid of them for good! As long as you use diet and exercise to ensure no new fat cells, you'll keep your new body for the rest of your life!

SculpSure body contouring can improve the appearance in a variety of areas on your body including common problem areas. These can include areas of the stomach, arms, back, thighs and neck. Multiple body treatments to remove stubborn fat cells are often suggested in order to achieve optimal results. If you are ready to achieve a slimmer and more contoured appearance, SculpSure could benefit you.

How does sculpsure work?

SculpSure is performed through the use of a specialized laser. During treatment, the SculpSure device applicator is held to the treatment area. The laser technology then works to emit laser energy that penetrates into the deeper layer of skin, in the dermis. The dermis is part of the skin that is located directly below the top layer (epidermis). The device emits laser energy that penetrates into the dermis, where it melts fat cells. These treated fat cells are destroyed and then are eliminated by your body's lymphatic system like any other waste matter.

When the energy heats up fat cells it does so successfully without harming any of the surrounding tissue. SculpSure raises the temperature of the target fat cells to damage their structural integrity, and that's when fat loss occurs.

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How long to see results
What happens after SculpSure treatments?

Over the next few months following treatment, the damaged cells are metabolized and flushed from the body. Not only does the SculpSure innovative system destroy the fat cells, but it actually works to permanently eliminate them. This is a safe procedure that can effectively eliminate your problem fat for good. You may be able to see results in the treated area as early as 6 weeks after your laser treatment plan, but you should wait at least 12 weeks to see the optimal results. This is a good thing, since the effects come gradually so fat loss looks more natural. You'll look like you've been diligently working out and dieting!

7 Great Benefits of SculpSure Fat Reduction

1. The SculpSure Process Is Noninvasive and Most Patients Feel No Pain
SculpSure Toronto is a nonsurgical, noninvasive cosmetic body procedure. It's becoming increasingly popular because it's not only effective, but it won't leave you in recovery for weeks on end, like other procedures.

Also known as non surgical liposuction, there's no need for incisions or anesthesia, so you can rest easy knowing that the procedure will be quick, with little to no recovery time.

While you might feel minimal discomfort during the procedure, you won't feel pain by any means. This is because these laser treatments first start off with cooling of the skin's surface to prep the area, and keep the therapeutic temperatures high enough to melt away fat, but low enough to avoid causing any other damage to your skin or surrounding tissues. Most patients describe the sensation as a warm massage that can even be relaxing!

2. It's a Quick and Simple Procedure
A SculpSure Toronto session should always be under an hour, depending on your treated area. It can literally be a "lunchtime" procedure, and because there's no recovery time, you can head back to work or to the gym right after a session.

Multiple areas can be treated at one time, so if you have more than 1 target area, we can make sure that each visit is effective and efficient.

3. It's Safe for You!
Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada approved SculpSure Toronto? It's the only laser device they've supported for noninvasive fat elimination.

Because the technique uses a concentrated laser, safe results can be tailored to you and your individual needs. There are little to no side effects. Some patients experience mild tenderness or redness, but that's the worst of it.

There are no incisions, so there's no risk of infection or chance of scarring. Plus, you won't experience any severe pain or contusions because the treatment doesn't require tugging or suction against the skin.

4. Results Are Permanent for Treated Fat Cells
As long as you compliment your customized treatment plan with a healthy diet and exercise, you'll enjoy your results for years to come, as those destroyed fat cells will never return after this innovative laser medicine procedure.

Results aren't immediate, but within 6 weeks, patients will begin to enjoy the dramatic benefits of their SculpSure treatment plan. Plus, SculpSure works to rebuild elastin and collagen, so it helps to tighten your skin and eliminate sagging in addition to getting rid of those unwanted fat cells. Patients feel that the tissue firmness in their trouble areas is improved.

5. You Can Use It Almost Anywhere
Most patients get SculpSure Toronto on their upper arms, flanks, inner thighs, and stomach. However, the laser medicine treatment doesn't "vacuum" up fatty tissue the way other non invasive body contouring procedures do. Because any area can be specifically targeted, you can use SculpSure to treat almost any area of your body and not just those areas with pinchable fat.

The treatment works on all body sizes, shapes, and all skin types.

6. There's No Recovery Time
While you do have to wait a bit to see results, it's counteracted by the fact that with a SculpSure procedure, there's no downtime. Unlike liposuction, after a treatment, you can return to work and all the other areas of your life right away. You don't have to modify your activities. That's why it's often referred to as non surgical liposuction.

You can schedule your appointment during lunch, return to work, and no one has to know you've even had a treatment.

So instead of taking weeks off of work to recover, you can wait and use those vacation days to take your new body to your favourite tropical destination!

7. It Creates a Natural Look
With SculpSure non invasive fat reduction, you can rest easy knowing that your results will look natural and be aesthetically pleasing. There are no "botched" treatments or overpowering effects from the destroyed fat cells processed by your body's lymphatic system.

Plus, because it takes a bit of time to become noticeable, all you have to do is start hitting the gym and eating healthier, and everyone will assume that your change is due to health and fitness.

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Pros of SculpSure

SculpSure is a noninvasive procedure, with minimal side effects. Some other pros are:

Destroyed cells don't return
All stubborn pockets of fat can be treated (both pinchable and nonpinchable)
The look is natural
There is no recovery time
Treatment is quick and easy

With the SculpSure device, you can pave the way to achieving the body of your dreams safely and quickly with your customized treatment plan.

Cons of SculpSure

There are a few cons of undergoing a SculpSure treatment, but none of them are reason enough not to do the procedure for the right candidate.

Results aren't as quick as some other invasive procedures
You'll probably need more than 1 treatment
It works best with a healthy diet and exercise
Avoid sun exposure for a week before and after the procedure

The biggest complaint by those who undergo SculpSure treatment concerns the waiting time. But if you consider the recovery time other treatments demand, it's a simple trade-off for being able to go about your life as usual, without enduring pain and a potentially unenjoyable recovery.

What are the side effects and risks of SculpSure treatment?

Most patients experience some discomfort in the treated area after this fat reduction treatment. This has been described as muscle soreness, like you're recovering from a strength training workout. Temporary mild swelling and redness may also appear. It is rare for bruising to occur, but if it does it typically only lasts about a day.

How Long Will It Take to See Results after SculpSure Toronto?

SculpSure is performed through the use of a specialized laser. During treatment, the SculpSure device applicator is held to the treatment area. The laser technology then works to emit laser energy that penetrates into the deeper layer of skin, in the dermis. The dermis is part of the skin that is located directly below the top layer (epidermis). The device emits laser energy that penetrates into the dermis, where it melts fat cells. These treated fat cells are destroyed and then are eliminated by your body's lymphatic system like any other waste matter.

After your treatment, the damaged cells in your body get metabolized and flushed from your body. The innovative SculpSure treatment doesn't just destroy fat cells, but eliminates them from the body, which is why there's a bit of a waiting period.

It's a safe procedure to use that'll eliminate your fat tissues for good. Some people see results as early as 6 weeks afterward, but others may take a couple of weeks longer. Either way, at 12 weeks, you should see optimal results.

You may need multiple treatments with the SculpSure device, especially if you have numerous target areas or want to achieve a slimmer, more contoured look.

But you know that old saying, "Good things come to those who wait?" SculpSure non invasive procedure results are more than worth that small wait, especially when you weigh the benefit of having no recovery time.

Plus, Cosmedical is a world brand leader in SculpSure treatments and we offer free consultations for potential candidates.


Why is SculpSure Better Than CoolSculpting? What is better SculpSure vs CoolSculpting?

You may have heard about CoolSculpting, another non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Even though there's a lot of media coverage on CoolSculpting, we still prefer SculpSure treatment. Here's why:

1. No Suctioning: CoolSculpting technology is different, because it is used to freeze fat cells. The initial freezing part can be quite uncomfortable in the treatment area. Part of the treatment also requires an uncomfortable suctioning of the fat. The fat gets frozen and takes the shape of the applicator. This has been described as a “hunk of butter under your skin”. The suctioning can be quite painful to some, and many are left with tenderness, redness and even bruising after their Coolsculpting treatment. (Ouch!) SculpSure only melts the fat and requires absolutely no suctioning, so your body can more quickly eliminate it from your body.

2. More Affordable: Which is cheaper SculpSure or CoolSculpting? The cost of SculpSure is actually more affordable than CoolSculpting, as each session typically costs less.

3. Faster Treatments: SculpSure can target anywhere up to 4 areas in a single treatment session. CoolSculpting can only do 1 or 2, and it usually takes about an hour or more. A single SculpSure session takes only about half an hour. Imagine how much time you'll save!

4. Faster Recovery: You'll need to wait a little longer to see the results of a CoolSculpting treatment, since the recovery period is lengthier. In fact, side effects from CoolSculpting can last up to 2 weeks! On the other hand, SculpSure requires no recovery and any redness dissipates fairly quickly.

How Much Does SculpSure Cost to Destroy Fat Cells?

Like many things, your SculpSure non surgical treatment cost depends on some factors:

The number of areas to target
The size of these areas

These factors determine the type and number of applicators used. The applicators are also known as "paddles". That being said, it's significantly less expensive than many invasive procedures that achieve the similar result.

We keep pricing as reasonable for your SculpSure session as we can with a competitive approach, while still providing the highest quality of service.

During your free consultation, you'll get to discuss pricing for your customized non invasive body contouring treatment plan. There are many clinics that offer SculpSure, but very few are under the medical supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Kesarwani. We offer competitive pricing.


Frequently Asked Questions About SculpSure Toronto WarmSculpting Fat Removal

What areas can SculpSure treat?

SculpSure non invasive fat reduction can remove fat cells under the chin, in the arms, mid-section, back and thighs. Great for love handles, the waist area, and other trouble spots, it is Health Canada approved and safe at our cosmetic clinic. We are a licensed provider of SculpSure.

Can SculpSure be used on arms?

Yes, SculpSure can be used on the arms at our cosmetic clinic in North York — specifically the upper arms where stubborn fat cells tends to accumulate.

Can SculpSure be used on thighs?

Yes, it can be used on the inner and outer thighs for non surgical body contouring. The upper thighs can be reshaped with SculpSure. The destroyed fat cells are eliminated by your body's immune system.

Can SculpSure be used on double chin?

Yes, SculpSure is an effective fat reduction treatment for the double chin. It can achieve dramatic results in removing double chins by eliminate unwanted fat in the area.

Can SculpSure be used on calves?

SculpSure can be used to eliminate fat cells stored in the calves. However, because this area can be problematic and is considered an “off-label” use, we do require a careful assessment at our cosmetic clinic to ensure the safety and effectiveness of this non invasive body contouring method in the area. Please note that bulkiness in the calves may also be comprised of muscle tissue, of which SculpSure cannot reduce.

Can SculpSure be used on the face?

SculpSure fat reduction is effective in treating double chins to permanently eliminate fat cells stored under the chin. However, it cannot be used on the actual face (like the cheeks) or other areas of the neck. It is only designed for submental fullness.

Can SculpSure tighten skin?

The SculpSure device at our North York clinic is specifically designed to eliminate unwanted fat in trouble areas with therapeutic heating, however the laser energy can also tighten the skin to a certain extent for non surgical body contouring. Skin tightening in trouble spots is considered a pleasant side effect.

Who can do SculpSure?

If you want to get rid of fat located under the skin under the chin, arms, mid-section, back or thighs, and do not have an existing health condition that would make treatment unsafe for you, SculpSure may be right for you to achieve the sculpted appearance you want. A high BMI is not considered when determining suitability for the treatment. The procedure is not designed for weight loss and helping those who have difficulty losing weight, but may help kickstart the process to lose weight in their adult life.

Can SculpSure cause cancer from the destroyed fat cells?

Clinical trials and studies show that SculpSure non surgical body contouring and lipolysis it achieves has not been linked to cancer.

Can SculpSure damage organs?

SculpSure targets stubborn pockets of fat right under the skin, above where the organs are located. The body treatment target the superficial layers up to about an inch deep, so organs aren't damaged in the process. Fat under the skin is called subcutaneous fat. Fat that surrounds the internal organs is called referred to as visceral and cannot be targeted with SculpSure.

Can SculpSure cause diarrhea?

SculpSure at our cosmetic clinic in North York shouldn't cause diarrhea or digestive issues since the natural process of fat elimination that the body begins to do occurs very gradually. Elimination is at a rate that is well tolerated by the human body.

How many treatments do I need?

How many treatments you need depends on how much fat removal you'd like and the area treated and the information you provide about your medical history. Usually, most patients at our North York clinic are recommended that they have a few sessions scheduled for one treatment protocol for body sculpting and fat destruction. This may be two or more in a series to achieve the desired results. A customized treatment plan will be determined before you start your sessions, so you can decide on whether to proceed with the time commitment.

Who owns SculpSure?

SculpSure body sculpting is manufactured by Cynosure, a company based in the US.

When did SculpSure come out?

SculpSure Toronto was approved by the FDA in 2015 and by Health Canada in 2016 for non invasive fat reduction and the removal of fat cells. Recognized as a form of non surgical liposuction, it is not designed for patients who have difficulty losing weight.

Laser-Based Fat Reduction

At least 1 in 5 Canadian women aren't happy with their body shape. And almost 90% of American women aren't satisfied with their weight. It's challenging to live in a culture where you pick up your phone, and everyone on social media seems close to perfect. Plus, as you age, it becomes harder and harder to burn off unwanted fat through diet and exercise.

Hormonal changes, age-related muscle loss, and a slower metabolism are all reasons why it becomes harder to lose weight and gain muscle with age. While many individuals resort to invasive procedures to achieve the body they've always wanted, SculpSure is an excellent non invasive treatment alternative.

Unlike many other invasive technologies for getting rid of fat, SculpSure treatment is laser-based. It's a noninvasive treatment that is used to reduce or eliminate fat in the treatment area for both men and women.

It's a fat reduction body contouring treatment that uses diode-laser energy to destroy stubborn fat cells for good. If you have unwanted fat on your flanks, belly, thighs, back, or under your chin – it's the perfect fat reduction treatment for you to try.

The laser's energy penetrates the skin and heats ONLY fat cells. It doesn't burn any other body tissue. It's specifically designed to target fat cells and fat cells only. What it does is heat those cells until they're too damaged to survive.

Once the treated fat cells are destroyed, your body flushes them out through your lymphatic system. The process will start over the next coming days and weeks, and you'll start seeing those results within the first 6 weeks.

Within 3 months, you'll have full visible results (although individual results may vary). Those destroyed fat cells that you lose don't ever return. But if you do gain weight, new fat cells can form, or the remaining fat cells can expand in size. That's why SculpSure works best with a healthy diet and exercise.


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We take an honest approach to resolving your aesthetic issues, maintaining full transparency about the procedures, risks, and potential results. This ensures that you are aware and completely comfortable with your treatment plan. Based on decades of experience in non-surgical aesthetic medicine, we will assess your issues and provide a solution that will fully resolve them. Our unwavering commitment to achieving the beautiful, natural looking results you want will be appreciated.

Your safety and comfort are given utmost priority. We adhere strictly to medical standards and precautionary procedures, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your treatments.

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