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You want larger breasts but don’t want implants. It is possible!

Fat transfer breast augmentation is your alternative to enhance the size and shape of your breasts using your own unwanted fat. Get liposuction to slim down an area on your body that needs it, like your stomach or thighs, and use the removed fat to enlarge your breasts by up to one cup size. The shape of your breasts will be rounder and firmer, but still look totally natural. You can even improve asymmetry and get better cleavage!

  • Increase the size of your breasts by up to one cup size (up to 400cc of fat can be transferred, which is similar to a 200cc implant)
  • Improve shape to make your breasts rounder, smoother and firmer. You can also fill out any undesirable indentations or smooth out contour irregularities.
  • Add volume in the upper and inner portions of your breasts to enhance cleavage.
  • At the same time, permanently remove fat to spot reduce where you want, like your mid-section or thighs.
  • Have smaller scars on your breasts than breast augmentation with implants.
  • For women who already have implants, fat transfer can help hide rippling and implant outlines, as well as enhance cleavage.

The best part of breast augmentation with fat transfer, aside from getting a slimmer body and larger breasts, is that no implants are needed. It’s all natural you!


fat transfer breast augmentation toronto before and after

This patient received a subtle increase in breast size, more fullness in the upper pole and a significantly flatter stomach.


Head board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Atul Kesarwani, is a pioneer in autologous fat graft breast augmentation. He’s been performing the procedure since the 1990s, decades before the hundreds of other surgeons across North America starting doing it. In fact, he was part of a published study that documented results obtained through fat transfer to the breasts and was cited in the preliminary white (industry) paper.

fat graft breast augmentation Toronto

Committed to your safety

Fat transfer breast augmentation should never cause breast cancer. However, Dr. Kesarwani began offering this procedure to all women only after studies proved that radiologists could confirm they were able to tell the difference between changes that occur from fat injection versus tumours during breast cancer examinations. Once that was formerly proven, Dr. Kesarwani refined the procedure in order to achieve reliably successful results for every one of his patients. Your safety is of the utmost concern, which is why we always wait until the safety and effectiveness of any treatment is well proven before we start performing it.

Performed by a Pioneer in Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Smaller Scars and Faster Recovery than Implants

Enhance Cleavage and Overall Shape at the Same Time

For Better Cleavage

Our patients who’ve had fat transfer breast augmentation enjoy enhanced cleavage. In fact, this technique can achieve better cleavage than breast implants alone for many patients!

The main reason for this is because we can choose exactly where on the breasts we want to target, unlike breast implants. Implants can only be positioned in the middle of the breasts, right behind the nipples. On the other hand, Dr. Kesarwani can put fat wherever in the breasts it’s needed. That means fat can be placed within the inner contours to reduce the distance between each breast, thereby creating narrower and tighter cleavage. (This is known as parasternal fat grafting.) You’ll also be able to improve any contour irregularities on your breasts for a smoother, fuller shape.

If you already have implants and want to reduce the gap between your breasts to enhance your cleavage, you may also consider this as an option.

Preparing for the Procedure

After your consultation with Dr. Kesarwani to confirm that breast augmentation with fat transfer is right for you, you may be able to receive a 3D image simulating your predicted results. Our patients have found this to be quite helpful in understanding how they may look after their surgery.

For better results in younger patients with tighter breasts, you may be asked to wear a Noogleberry external breast tissue expander device 6 hours a day for a month before your surgery (and 24 hours the day right before surgery).

Noogleberry breast expander toronto
Noogleberry is a mechanical suction device that’s worn on your chest to increase blood flow and stretch out your breasts. By doing this, the area where the fat is transferred to significantly expands, so more fat can be put in to fill it. Increased blood flow also improves the survival of the fat in the breasts, reducing the risk of fat reabsorption that would reduce the longevity of your results.

You’ll be given a list of pre-op instructions to follow to adequately prepare for your surgery. These instructions may include restrictions on smoking, drinking alcohol and taking certain medications (such as Aspirin).

The Procedure

Overall, the procedure takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on how much fat is transferred and how many areas are targeted. The first part of the procedure is liposuction. Fat is meticulously suctioned from specific areas using gentle liposuction techniques to protect the fat cells (adipose tissue).

Fat can be harvested from many areas of the body that have excess fat, such as the mid-section, flanks and thighs. It’s important to select an area that has fat cells which are suitable for the breasts, since not all fat is the same (fat cells come in different sizes and textures). For example, fat cells that are medium in size are more suitable to enhance the cleavage, while finer cells are more suitable for areas of the breast that have thinner and more delicate tissue, such as the upper chest and décolleté area.

Fat removal is performed using an appropriately sized cannula for the patient and techniques are applied to ensure symmetric and even results. By doing this, you won’t be at risk of developing uneven lumps and bumps in the target area.

The removed fat is then purified, isolating the fat cells. This is done very gently to avoid damaging the fat cells, improving their longevity. Dr. Kesarwani strives to obtain a much higher fat concentration than other surgeons so that what is transferred is less diluted by anything that’s not actual fat.

The final step is transferring the purified fat to the breasts. Measurements are carefully taken and outlined on the breasts so that your final results are as symmetric and balanced as possible. Most of the fat is injected into the fatty layer (above the pectoralis muscle and under the skin). It must be injected in areas surrounded by healthy tissue. Care is taken to limit the amount injected to and minimize the risk of calcification.

Fat distribution is measured precisely, with these areas of focus:

  • the cleavage
  • the upper pole
  • the curves of the outside of the breast
  • the lower portion of the breast

Breast diagram toronto

In the study, The Safety, Effectiveness, and Efficiency of Autologous Fat Grafting in Breast Surgery, 598 articles on fat transfer breast augmentation were identified. Of these articles, it was found that patients reported high satisfaction rates — like our patients report!

The Recovery

Recovery after fat transfer breast augmentation tends to be faster than breast augmentation with implants. While swelling in the breasts may last for a week or two, swelling, bruising and mild discomfort in the donor area(s) may last for a bit longer. Most of the swelling and discomfort should go away within a couple of days. You may need to take a couple of days off from work or school just to devote your body to your recovery.

You can help improve your recovery rate by following the post-op directions we give you. These directions have been designed to help you recover smoother and faster.

  • You’ll need to restrict more demanding physical activities for a couple of weeks.
  • To improve the take of fat in your breasts, you’ll need to sleep on your back for a few weeks after surgery.
  • You may need to take some days off from work. Usually, 1 week is sufficient although it may be a little longer if your job is physically demanding.
  • You may need to wear a compression garment in the donor area(s) and a comfortable sports bra for a few weeks. The compression garment will help your skin retract and the sports bra will provide the support you need during your recovery.

Once you’ve recovered, you’ll enjoy larger, fuller breasts that look and feel natural. In fact, a 2014 study published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery reports that all the participants experienced not only a significant improvement in their breast size and shape, but also a soft and natural appearance after their surgery — improvements that our patients consistently report as well.

Other Ways Fat Transfer Can Improve Your Breast Shape


Think of your breasts more like sisters, rather than identical twins. This is because asymmetry is the norm. The reality is that most pairs of breasts do not look exactly the same, and symmetry varies depending on several factors, ranging from genetics, aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy. While this may not bother some women, others may find their asymmetry to be troubling. Fat transfer breast enhancement is one effective option to improve symmetry.

Improving Placement

Following breast augmentation with implants, one implant may drop lower than the other. Fat transfer can “even” the breasts out.

Rippling and Visible Implant Outline

If a woman has little of their breast tissue, rippling may be a bigger concern following breast augmentation with implants. The outline of the breast implant may also be more visible. Both of these issues can be resolved with fat transfer. The transferred fat serves as padding so create a more natural appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

What are the side effects of fat transfer?

Fat transfer takes your own fat and puts it back into your body. This means that you won’t have an allergic reaction to it and won’t have to deal with a foreign object in your body (as you would with silicone or saline breast implants). However, there are some possible side effects related to the surgical procedure. These include bruising, swelling and numbness. Some of the transferred fat may also get harmlessly reabsorbed by your body, making another procedure necessary to achieve satisfactory results.

Can I transfer fat to my breasts?

Yes! Fat transfer breast augmentation is a prosthetic-free procedure that uses your own fat to augment your breast size and shape. It’s been called natural breast augmentation. Click here to read more about the female breast.

Does fat transfer last?

The effects of fat transfer to the breasts last for a long time. Aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy can impact the effects, however.

How long does fat grafting surgery take?

This depends on how much fat you want to transfer. It can take an hour or more and may require staged treatments to achieve your desired results.

Is natural breast augmentation safe?

Yes, when performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Kesarwani, this procedure is safe.

Can fat transfer be removed?

Yes, the transferred fat can be liposuctioned.

What is the average cost of fat transfer?

The average cost ranges from $10000 – $14000, in Canada.

What are the risks of fat transfer breast augmentation?

The risks of this procedure are rare, but should still be considered when deciding on whether to proceed with surgery. Risks include the following:
– Risks related to liposuction, including swelling, bruising and bleeding
– Risks related to anesthesia
– Cysts
– Infection
– Microcalcification, which is the creation of small calcium deposits within the transferred fat. This can make it more difficult to read mammograms
– Migration of transferred fat cells
-Necrosis of the transferred fat

There has been a lot of research performed to prove the safety and effectiveness of breast augmentation with fat transfer. Our patients love their natural looking and feeling breasts after surgery, and we’re sure you will too!

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