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Here at Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic, our goal is to offer our patients the best possible products and procedures for successfully treating a variety of common skin concerns. That is why we are proud to now offer Loreal SkinCeuticals, a line of medical grade skincare products.

What is Loreal SkinCeuticals?

Loreal SkinCeuticals is a skin care collection that is rated the number 1 US medical skincare brand. This innovative skin care regimen offers top-of-the-line technology for providing effective anti-aging properties. The unique botanicals incorporated in these nourishing products include a mixture of antioxidants and vitamin formulations for providing you with your best skin possible. SkinCeuticals can revitalize your skin with the restorative properties necessary for remedying your skin concerns. This advanced brand is designed with you in mind. It was established on the following skin rejuvenating philosophy:

Prevent: reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging signs while also providing the skin with the revitalizing properties necessary for preventing imperfections to form in the future. It works to neutralize damaging free radicals such as UVB and UVA rays that are emitted by the sun.

Protect: the high-potency antioxidants provide a protecting layer from the penetration of outside invaders and environmental factors. This is effective at protecting your skin from any debris or further sun damage.

Correct: Nourishing vitamins provide your skin with the necessary nutrients for correcting damage and aging signs. This advanced collection can restore the youthful glow of your skin.

A consistent and appropriate skin care regimen is essential for ensuring optimal skin health. That is why Loreal SkinCeuticals is the perfect customizable solution for restoring your skin and preventing further development of skin concerns in the future.


Loreal SkinCeuticals can improve the appearance of a variety of skin concerns including:

Fine lines
Sun spots
Sun damage
Dry skin
Oily skin

If you have noticed a natural decline in the appearance of your skin, and are searching for an effective treatment for restoring your radiant glow, this advanced skin care collection can help. Reach out to us here at Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic to learn more about this revolutionary treatment option.

Maximize Your Skincare Routine

The easiest way to determine the most effective skincare routine for you is to see our skincare expert for an assessment. Based on your goals and skin health, our expert will customize a routine that you can follow. You'll be presented with products that are designed specifically for your skin, whether it's normal or highly problematic and sensitive.

Your skincare regimen will include products that cleanse, hydrate, nourish and protect. Generally speaking, you can expect a morning routine that includes the following:

A cleanser
A toner
One or more serums, to be applied from lightest to thickest
A moisturizer

After all of that, you can then apply your makeup once your sunscreen has been absorbed.

Your evening routine may be the following:

A cleanser
A toner
One or more serums, to be applied from lightest to thickest. (You may need to include different serums here.)
A moisturizer
An oil (if necessary)


Why choose Cosmedical Rejvuenation Clinic

We take an honest approach to resolving your aesthetic issues, maintaining full transparency about the procedures, risks, and potential results. This ensures that you are aware and completely comfortable with your treatment plan. Based on decades of experience in non-surgical aesthetic medicine, we will assess your issues and provide a solution that will fully resolve them. Our unwavering commitment to achieving the beautiful, natural looking results you want will be appreciated.

Your safety and comfort are given utmost priority. We adhere strictly to medical standards and precautionary procedures, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your treatments.

We are conveniently located at Yonge and York Mills, on the second floor above the York Mills subway station and across from the GO station. There is plenty of parking on site.