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Eyelid Surgery toronto Blepharoplasty Eyelid Rejuvenation

Has a compromise in your eyelids affected not just your appearance but the quality of your vision? At Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic in Toronto, we want to help you not only look your best but lead a happier, healthier quality of life. An eyelid surgery in Toronto is designed to improve the appearance as well as the functionality of the eyelids and can be performed on either the upper lids, lower lids or both. The procedure is performed by our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Priya Kesarwani.

What an Eyelid Surgery in Toronto Can Correct

  • Sagging or Loose Skin: When you have loose or sagging skin, folds can affect that natural contour of the upper eyelid and even impair vision.
  • Puffiness: Fatty deposits can make your eyelids appear puffy.
  • Bags: Bags under the eyes can give off a tired appearance. Addressing this through an eyelid lift grants a more alert and energetic aesthetic.
  • Excess skin or wrinkles: If your lower eyelid has either excess skin or fine lines, this procedure can help grant a youthful appeal.
  • Drooping: When the lower eyelids droop, the white below the iris can be seen. Drooping can also impair vision. This advanced procedure can help you achieve better sight capabilities.

It is around the eyes that signs of aging first appear, as early as 25. Muscles become lax and collagen breaks down, producing poor skin elasticity resulting in wrinkles and creases. Bags develop as fat gathers in pockets. All of this occurs in the upper and lower eyelids, and is difficult to conceal with make up or other such products.

Eyelid surgery is designed to treat these signs of aging, and restore your youthful fresh look.


If you say yes to the following, you may be a candidate for an eyelid lift:

  • You're healthy – You may be a good candidate if you're in good health and a non-smoker.
  • You have a realistic outlook – It's essential that you have a positive outlook and realistic goals when going into this procedure.
  • You don't have severe eye conditions – If you have serious eye conditions, you may not be a good candidate for an eyelid lift.

A complete assessment will be performed by Dr. Kesarwani during your initial consultation to determine whether you're a candidate.

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The First Step

A personal consultation with Dr. P. Kesarwani is the first step toward realizing your goals in improving your facial appearance. She will take the time necessary to answer your questions and explain how this procedure can fulfill your aesthetic goals. You'll also be able to see before and after photos.

During your consultation, Dr. Kesarwani will review your medical history. She'll also show you before and after eyelid lift photos from patients she has performed the procedure on previously.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

What is eyelid surgery called? Technically, eyelid surgery is referred to as blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty resolves aesthetic issues affecting the upper and lower eyelids. These issues are referred to as the following:

The technical term for redundant or lax eyelid skin and muscle is dermatochalasis. Dermatochalsis can affect both the upper and lower eyelids, and it is caused by a decrease in elasticity, thinning skin, and weakening of connective tissues.

Steatoblepharon is the technical term referring to the prominence of fat pads located in the eyelids.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Upper blepharoplasty, or upper eyelid surgery, is a procedure that involves removing or repositioning extra skin, orbital fat, and muscle tissue from the upper eyelid. This surgery significantly reduces the appearance of saggy or puffy upper eyelids, resulting in a more alert and youthful look.

A study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported that upper blepharoplasty not only enhanced the aesthetic appearance of participants but also improved their overall quality of life. This improvement was primarily due to the correction of vision impairment caused by excess upper eyelid skin.

Upper blepharoplasty typically involves a small incision along the natural crease within the upper eyelid, allowing for the removal or repositioning of tissues.

Medical research supports the safety and effectiveness of upper blepharoplasty. The Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery reports that most patients were satisfied with their results and experienced improved vision and appearance.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower blepharoplasty, or lower eyelid surgery, removes puffiness, undereye bags, and wrinkles.

As per a Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery report, lower blepharoplasty resulted in high patient satisfaction rates. Many participants reported improvements in self-esteem and social interactions following the procedure.

Lower eyelid lifts typically involve an incision either within the lower eyelid or along the eyelash margin. Tissues are removed or repositioned through the incisions, which are then closed.

It's important to note that while lower blepharoplasty can dramatically improve the eye aesthetic, it cannot eliminate dark circles, fine lines around the eyes, or other signs of aging not directly related to the eyelids. Blepharoplasty is often performed with other rejuvenating procedures, namely facelifts and browlifts.

Blepharoplasty Complications

Like any surgical procedure, blepharoplasty carries its own set of potential complications. Common complications of blepharoplasty include infection, bleeding, scarring, dry eyes, difficulty closing eyes, or even vision loss. According to a study in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, complications occur in approximately 3.85% of blepharoplasty procedures, a relatively low rate compared to other surgeries.

Risks Associated with Blepharoplasty

While severe complications are rare, they can occur. Hematoma, a collection of blood, and seroma a collection of fluid, can develop post-surgery and may require further procedures. Aesthetic complications, such as asymmetry or dissatisfaction with the cosmetic outcome, occur in about 1% of cases.

The most severe complication, although very rare, is vision loss. This occurs in less than 0.04% of cases, often due to severe bleeding behind the eye, which can cause permanent damage.

Prevention and Management

Preventing complications starts with a thorough pre-operative evaluation to assess the patient's health and eye condition. Patients should be honest about their medical history and follow all pre- and post-operative instructions.

If complications occur, early detection is key. Minor issues like dry eyes can be managed with eye drops, while more severe complications may require additional treatments or surgeries. Regular follow-ups with the surgeon can ensure any complications are caught and managed promptly.

The Key Benefits of an Eyelid Lift

1. Reduction In Eyelid Droopiness
A drooping eyelid can have numerous effects on a person's day-to-day lifestyle. It can prevent them from achieving perfect vision and cause a slight shadowing effect. It can also have an impact on the way a person sees themselves. And so many patients are now exploring the benefits of the eyelid lift. The eyelid lift works to remove the drooping skin around the eye and minimize the appearance of further drooping in the future, assuring both aesthetic and functional benefits for the patient.

2. Removal Of Wrinkles On The Lower Eyelid
The lower parts of our eyelids are usually prone to wrinkling because they highlight the expressions we make on a daily basis. Over time, these expressions cause lines to emerge on the lower eyelid area, impacting our appearance and potentially reducing the person's confidence. The eyelid lift can help remove wrinkles on the lower part of the eyelid, allowing a bright smile and captivating eyes that radiate across a room.

3. Eliminating Bags
Many patients also use the eye lift surgery to remove bags around the eyes. The eyelid surgery helps patients achieve that ideal appeal to their eyes and can remove the puffiness and redness that sometimes are found as a result of too much work and not enough sleep.

4. A Simple Treatment
One of the clear advantages of the eyelid lift treatment over other similar options is that the treatment is simple for the professional to complete and will have no negative impact on the function of the eye. In addition, because the incisions are hidden in the natural crease of the eyelids, the scarring is minimized post-surgery.

5. Quick Recovery
Because the procedure is only minimally invasive, recovery from the eyelid lift procedure can be quick. Patients are often able to go back to their normal day-to-day routines within a week of having the procedure completed.

Our expert surgical staff is available around the clock to answer your eyelid lift questions.

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How much is eyelid surgery? How much does eyelid surgery cost?

If you're considering eyelid surgery in Canada, you're probably wondering about the cost. Let's break down the factors that influence the price and give you a general idea of what to expect.

1. Type of Surgery: There are different types of eyelid surgeries, which can affect the overall cost. Not only is cost based on whether the upper, lower or both eyelids are treated, surgical techniques are also considered.

2. Geographical Location: Major cities like Toronto or Vancouver tend to have higher prices compared to smaller towns simply because the cost of living is higher.

3. Facility Fees: The cost of the surgery can be affected by where it’s performed. Private clinics may charge more than hospitals, but they often provide a more personalized experience.

4. Anesthesia Fees: The type of anesthesia used (local or general) can influence the cost. General anesthesia, which requires an anesthesiologist, is more expensive.

5. Additional Costs: There may be additional costs for pre-surgery consultations, medical tests, post-surgery medications, and follow-up appointments.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery isn't usually covered by health insurance. However, if the surgery is recommended to treat a medical condition, such as impaired vision caused by droopy eyelids, there may be some coverage.

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RESULTS FROM AN EYELID SURGERY TORONTO. How long does eyelid surgery last?

The results from an eyelid lift procedure will last a long time. It's very important to follow the post-procedure care instructions given by our team to help you achieve the best results. Since everyone is different, healing periods will vary. You may need to schedule a follow-up appointment for our team to assess your recovery.

Why choose dr. PRIYA KESARWANI

Dr. Priya Kesarwani is the facial plastic surgeon at Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic. As a board certified Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, Dr. P. Kesarwani has specialized training in addressing diseases, disorders and aesthetic concerns involving the head and neck.

You'll speak with Dr. Priya Kesarwani directly during your initial consultation. She has a gentle approach and unwavering commitment to achieving the beautiful, natural looking results you want. She takes the time to discuss your goals and assess your situation before providing you with a custom tailored solution. No detail is overlooked. You will appreciate her fastidious and exacting nature — traits that are essential when performing any procedure, particularly those targeting the face!

Dr. P Kesarwani is dedicated to delivering you beautiful results while maintaining excellent patient safety and achieving superior patient satisfaction.