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Have you experienced a major weight loss, but are still unhappy with your appearance? Are you frustrated with the presence and discomfort of excess skin and tissue? A belt lipectomy procedure, or a circumferential tummy tuck and lower body lift, is a surgical procedure to help smooth, tighten, and lift the abdomen and surrounding areas. Explore the benefits of this procedure during a consultation with our experienced team at Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic in Toronto, ON!

Dr. Kesarwani has been performing body lifts since the 1990s, so you can be confident knowing that he has the experience to help you achieve the body you want, whether you have been affected by aging, dramatic weight loss or other factor.

What Is a Belt Lipectomy?

A belt lipectomy is a surgical procedure to remove excess tissue and skin from the body following major weight loss. Also known as a circumferential abdominoplasty or lower body lift, this procedure is an effective method for lifting and smoothing multiple areas of the body, such as the:


A lower body lift consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon and team in Ontario can help you explore everything this multi-beneficial procedure can do for you!

Even though it will only reduce your weight by a couple of pounds at most, our patients love their post-surgery bodies so much that they often make improvements in their lifestyle and diet to maintain their results. These improvements can promote more meaningful weight loss in the long term.

What Could I Expect from the Body Lift Procedure?

A belt lipectomy or circumferential body lift can be viewed as a combination of multiple other body contouring procedures, including:

Back tightening (to eliminate back rolls and hanging skin)
Buttock lift (for a perkier behind)
Thigh lift (for the inner and outer thigh)
Tummy tuck
Panniculectomy (hanging skin removal)

A lower body lift removes excess skin to sculpt, contour, and lift the abdominal area and surrounding areas on the body. The goal of the procedure is to create a smoother, flatter appearance you love.

Choosing a belt lipectomy is a commitment to major plastic surgery. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting, and an overnight stay is usually required. There will likely be downtime associated with the procedure, and our team will provide you with all proper pre and post-care instructions and recommendations.

While you should begin to see results immediately, results will vary for each person.

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The First Step

Ready to give your look a lift and get the firmer body contour you want? Contact us today at Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic and schedule a consultation to learn more about a belt lipectomy procedure! Our team is led by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Atul Kesarwani, and we proudly serve you from Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Kesarwani will review your medical history. He'll also show you before and after Belt Lipectomy photos from patients he has performed the procedure on previously during your consultation.

Body Lift Scars

A dramatic improvement in the shape of your body will be seen after a lower body lift. Scarring will occur, however the application of silicone gel for three months can help make any scars fade. You can read more about silicone scar gel here.

Please note that surgical scars will tan like the rest of our skin when exposed to the sun, however, they often don't similarly fade. Diligent sunscreen use is incredibly important for the first 12-18 months after your surgery. We have a variety of non-comedogenic options in the office that we can help select for you depending on your skin type.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Body Lift Post Weight Loss?

Belt lipectomy procedures are commonly recommended to those who have undergone massive weight loss, either from bariatric surgery, lifestyle changes, or other factors. Many people are left with loose skin and excess fat post weight loss, and are unable to see their leaner body. Even though they've lost weight, their self esteem may continue to be negatively impacted. If you've reached a stable body weight but are concerned about your body contour, you may want to consider a body lift. A consultation with our team for a lower body lift is the best way to further understand this procedure and determine if it is the best choice for you to achieve your goals.

It is important to have realistic goals and expectations for what this body contouring procedure can do. If you do choose lower body lift cosmetic surgery, you have to be ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain your results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Lift

What is a body lift procedure?

This plastic surgery procedure removes excess skin and eliminates stubborn fat following pregnancy or significant weight loss and bariatric surgery. It is also known as lower body lift surgery, as it targets the abdominal area, lower back and hips. Some patients may also be able to target the loose skin and excess fat on their upper thighs and buttocks.

How much does a body lift cost?

This all depends on what you'd like to have done during your lower body lift surgery. An extensive lower body lift would range from $15000 – $20000 for most plastic surgeons. This may include a circumferential abdominoplasty, removing excess skin and fat in the area below that and modifying soft tissue.

How much excess skin and fat can I get rid of during a body lift Toronto?

It all depends on your general health and goals. Our plastic surgeon has over 30 years of experience performing body lifts. You'll meet with him for an assessment to determine how much excess skin and fat you can get rid of during your body lift.

Do I need to stay overnight at the hospital after my body lift?

Body lift surgery is typically performed on an out patient basis by most plastic surgeons, which means that you'll stay in our private surgical facility for a couple of hours as the effects of the general anesthesia wear off. However, you won't need an overnight stay. In some cases, patients who are considered higher risk may require an overnight stay..

How much time do I need to take off from work after my body lift?

Depending on how much is done, you may need to take 2-4 weeks off from work. If your work is physically demanding, you may need to take more time off. Dr. Kesarwani will let you know before your body lift is scheduled.

How is a body lift different from a tummy tuck by a plastic surgeon?

While both cosmetic procedures can help patients after significant weight loss, there are some key differences between a body lift and abdominoplasty. Lower body lift surgery is designed to eliminate unwanted fat and reduce excess skin to improve skin elasticity in these areas: the entire mid-section, flanks, hips, buttocks as well as the inner and outer thighs. Abdominoplasty is designed to only remove excess skin and fat in the front mid-section, as well as repair separated abdominal muscles.

How do I prepare for lower body lift surgery?

The lower body lift procedure is considered to be one of the more invasive plastic surgery procedures. For this reason, it's important to follow pre and post operative instructions provided to you by Dr. Kesarwani. Most plastic surgeons advise patients to do the following:

– Avoid smoking and drinking for a few weeks before and after surgery.
– Avoid blood-thinning medications, supplements and foods.
– Make sure to take the necessary time off from work to dedicate yourself to proper recovery.
– Make sure to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan so that your body is primed for your body lift surgery.
– Make sure to get all the things you'll need post-surgery, including medications, a compression garment, and etc.

How do I recover from lower body lift surgery?

Because this is surgery, you can expect bruising and swelling for a few weeks. A compression garment may be worn to help with your healthy recovery, assisting in skin retraction and controlling swelling. You may be advised to wear this for a couple of weeks. You'll be instructed to avoid strenuous physical activity for a few weeks. If your lower abdominal area is treated, you may be advised to stay slightly bent for a couple of days to reduce pulling on incision lines.

Do I need drains after my body lift?

Drains may be inserted to help with swelling, so that excess fluid build-up can be prevented. These drains are removed in a couple of days.

What are the body lift side effects?

Common side effects of a body lift include bruising, swelling, and discomfort, all considered temporary. Some patients may also feel some tightness in the treated area, but this will go away as the tissue expands to accommodate your tighter appearance.

What are the body lift risks?

Body lift surgery to treat the issues resulting from massive weight loss does have its own set of risks and side effects, much like any other surgical procedures. Risks include excess swelling, infection, blood clots and contour irregularities. There are also risks associated with general anesthesia.

Why do I have sagging skin and a bad body shape after my weight loss?

It is extremely common to be left with lax skin and localized fat deposits following excess weight loss, regardless of whether you're a man or woman. When the skin is stretched out to accommodate fat pockets, it is unable to retract completely once that fat shrinks. This is especially true with multiple weight fluctuations and aging. In addition, humans are unable to spot reduce fat, so even though someone has been able to shed the pounds, they can't choose on their body where they shed the pounds from. Some of this fat is also retained as a source of energy in emergencies, and that's what makes it stubborn.

How long does a body lift last?

The results of a body lift last for a long time for weight loss patients. A healthy diet and exercise plan should be implemented as your normal routine if you'd like to maintain your new body contours. Unfortunately, the effects of aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy can negatively impact your results.

Will I have scars after a body lift?

All surgical procedures that involve incisions result in scars, and this particularly true for those that target loose skin. A body lift will leave you with scars, most likely in the front and back of your lower mid-section. You may also be left with scarring in the thighs, if a lateral thigh lift was performed. As part of your recovery process, make sure to follow Dr. Kesarwani's post-op instructions to help your scars heal properly. We also offer a topical silicone scar cream that can help.

Can I get other procedures done at the same time as my body lift?

If it is safe to do so, absolutely! Some patients only want to undergo one surgery to get the body they want, and so such procedures as a breast lift, breast augmentation, and an upper arm lift can all be done at the same time as your body lift if Dr. Kesarwani thinks it's safe. Please discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Kesarwani during your private medical consultation. Your medical history and current condition will be assessed to make sure you can get a total body makeover at one time.

Why choose dr. Atul KESARWANI

Dr. Atul Kesarwani is a board certified plastic surgeon at Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic. He has 30+ years of experience in the field.

You'll speak with Dr. A. Kesarwani directly during your initial consultation. He has a gentle approach and unwavering commitment to achieving the beautiful, natural looking results you want. He takes the time to discuss your goals and assess your situation before providing you with a custom tailored solution. No detail is overlooked. You will appreciate her fastidious and exacting nature — traits that are essential when performing any procedure, particularly those targeting the face!

Dr. A. Kesarwani is dedicated to delivering you beautiful results while maintaining excellent patient safety and achieving superior patient satisfaction.