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If you’re like most people, you use a smartphone not only to make calls, but also to check social media statuses, send tweets, and write texts.

The truth of the matter is that too much of a good thing can lead to very real physical problems. In fact, the term "text turkey neck,"" coined not too long ago, refers to a condition that can result should you spend too much time looking down at your smartphone screen. While the term might elicit a giggle, text turkey neck is definitely no laughing matter.

What Is Text Turkey Neck?

The term originated on the heels of a lot of incidents where patients reported feeling chronic spine discomfort as a result of staring down at their smartphones for texts, emails, and tweets. Research actually demonstrates that you can, if you as an adult crane your neck downward to view your smartphone screen, exert 10-60 pounds worth of extra weight on your head. If you’re wondering why the term “turkey” is attached to this medical condition, the reason is simple. In addition to chronic spine pain, the sort of neck craning that leads to text turkey neck can cause loose skin on your neck — sort of like the loose skin on a turkey's neck.

Avoiding Text Turkey Neck

Fortunately, you can enjoy your smartphone while not overdoing things to the point of getting text turkey neck. One recommendation is to hold up your smartphone to eye level rather than to crane your neck to look down at the screen. This will go a long way towards sparing your head the extra pounds that it must deal with if you crane your neck. You can also ask your local pharmacist about topical retinol creams that are designed to maintain skin elasticity by stimulating collagen. Ask about other available products, and be sure to use them every day in order to get the sort of protection that will help you ward off text turkey neck.

Treating Text Turkey Neck

In the event that you end up with the condition, there are numerous treatment options. If, for instance, you experience loose skin around your neck, you can go with laser skin tightening that heats tissue beneath skin surface to stimulate collagen formation. This will tighten your skin.