exercising after breast reduction

The Best Exercises Following Male Breast Reduction Surgery

In order to ensure you maintain your male breast reduction results, it’s important that you have a clear understanding of the exercise techniques that will shape and tone your body in the years to come. We’ve worked with thousands of male breast reduction surgery patients, and in this latest post, we’ll provide you with a guide to the best exercises following your male breast reduction surgery.

Calisthenics And Stretching

In the weeks following your procedure, the goal is to keep your muscles from dissipating and becoming inactive. It’s critical to stretch them regularly and ensure the blood is flowing to the area after your surgery. Your exercise regimen should include some form of calisthenics and stretching. This may include the following:

Leg lifts
Laying on your side, stretch one arm straight up while the side of your body is flat against the ground. Then lift your top leg up approximately three-to-six inches and hold your position for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise for the other side of your body.

One of the best stretches you can do in the immediate few weeks after your surgery is to lift your arms above your head. Stretch and reach as high as you can and then bend over at the waist as much as you can comfortably. This will help keep your muscles moving and ensure the skin remains fresh and flexible during the recovery process.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Another important consideration after your male breast reduction surgery is the impact on your cardiovascular health. Consider the following to ensure you remain at optimal fitness during the recovery process:

Stationary bike workouts
Working out on a stationary bike is a great way to achieve optimal exercise without impacting the chest. It will keep your legs moving and get blood pumping to your heart muscles and improve your overall strength.

Brisk walking
It could be the ideal time to check on your neighborhood and review the scenery in your area with a brisk walk. Commit to a brisk walk every few days to speed up your recovery and maintain your overall health. This will ensure you’re also getting the fresh air your body requires to keep your lungs and heart in peak condition.

By understanding more on your body’s needs post-treatment, you can build your ideal exercise regimen after you complete the male breast reduction surgery. To learn more on your range of exercise options, call our treatment team today!