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We always notice when someone has a refreshed glow to their appearance. Facial aging is partly genetic, but there are environmental hazards that we can avoid to help maintain a rejuvenated look.

A healthy lifestyle, dealing with stress in a positive way, good nutrition and proper sleep are all important in maintaining a youthful radiance.

Avoid and protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun and tanning beds. When ultraviolet (UV) light hits the skin it, cells in the dermis produce melanin which gives you a tan. This is really just your skin trying to stop the damaging UV rays from penetrating your skin. Pigmentary changes and blotchiness can be left behind from this sun damage. These changes can be reversed with our Cutera Limelight (IPL) or FRAXEL lasers.

You should always check your skin for moles that are changing or new spots that are growing or not healing. If concerned these should be brought to the attention of your doctor to rule out skin cancer.

Smoking should be avoided. Smoking promotes the breakdown of collagen creates free radicals which can damage tissues which will accelerate aging. Pursing the lips also contributes to fine wrinkling around the mouth.

As we age because of an increase in fat, a decrease in muscle, and a diminishing ability to regulate sodium and water, the body stores less water and we become dehydrated easier. An adequate intake of water help’s the body’s natural healing process, and prevents toxins and chemical substances from accumulating.

The Cutera TITAN and FRAXEL lasers can tighten loose skin. Cleanse your skin gently with mild soaps with oils and emollients added. Remove makeup carefully, especially around the eyes. Regularly use a good moisturizer.

Gabriela, our medical aesthetician after a thorough evaluation can suggest a home care regimen or develop an in office microdermabrasion, chemical peel or facial program that will suit your needs.