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Why Fat is Better than Muscle for Your Butt

When you see people doing squats and lunges, you know what they want: a well-toned, round, firm butt. There are three main muscles in the buttocks, collectively known as the glutes: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Muscle-building and toning exercises for the butt are designed to target these three muscles.

While hard work and consistent effort will undoubtedly give you a healthy and beautifully toned body and optimize the way you move, muscle can only do so much when it comes to the aesthetics of your butt.

In the quest for a bigger booty, the first step is to build up the glutes. If you want to augment your butt, you'll need to work the glutes with a range of exercises. Unfortunately, it is not easy to proportionately increase muscle mass. Sometimes, doing too much exercise can lead to an increase in one area. Your body may also favour a particular muscle, making it easier to build that one up while ignoring the others. As a result, building muscle alone can lead to a disproportionate shape or undesirable contours where one muscle may be more defined than the others.

In addition, when building muscle, there is a limit to how big and shapely your buttocks can become since it depends on your genetics and muscle-building abilities. Working out can build muscle, but proportionate increases in size and fullness aren't guaranteed.

While working out is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and overall muscle tone, achieving a bigger backside through weights and squats can be an exhausting, uphill battle. Even then, you may have yet to see the results you were hoping for due to genetics or previous weight fluctuations.

We definitely don't recommend that you no longer do butt exercises, but expectations regarding how much improvement to the shape and size of your butt should be controlled.

If you're looking to enhance your buttocks, consider fat instead. A Brazilian butt lift takes fat from one part of your body and injects it into specific areas of your buttocks. This allows you to achieve your desired size and shape without gruelling hours at the gym. It is a quicker, more efficient method of enhancing the buttocks compared to muscle building alone.

One of the significant benefits of using fat in buttock enhancement procedures is that it offers a more natural appearance and feel compared to the results muscle shaping alone can achieve. Fat cells are evenly distributed throughout the buttocks, resulting in a rounder, more symmetric shape.

Another benefit of a Brazilian butt lift is the simultaneous redistribution of fat from other areas of your body. Not only do you achieve fuller, rounder buttocks, but you also get leaner thighs, a flatter stomach, or more sculpted flanks depending on the donor site of the fat. This assists in creating more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing contours for your overall figure.

While working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will certainly help keep the overall tone and shape of your body, the Brazilian butt lift offers the most natural look and feel, and the options for customization are unrivalled. Plus, the simultaneous slimming of your abdomen, thighs, or flanks leaves your body looking more contoured and proportionate.