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5 Considerations After Extreme Weight Loss

Losing weight, especially an extreme amount, is an incredible feat. While changing your body for the better, what you might not think about is the kind of changes you’ll incur after losing all that weight.

Take into mind these five kinds of challenges before making your big change:

Excessive Abdominal Skin

As people gain weight, their skin stretches out to contain the new layer of underlying fat. This causes the skin to become less elastic. Once your body has removed those fat layers, the skin and underlying tissue are unable to shrink back down and return to their previous size. This means that an excess of skin will hang loosely off your body, especially around your lower torso.

Sagging Breasts

Breasts consist of a layer of fat that is attached directly to the skin. Just like with the skin along the stomach, the breast flesh will stretch out, along with the growing fat. When that layer of fat is decreased or removed, the breast will shrink with it. Your breasts will then decrease in volume and your bra size will change. The excess skin can also cause your breasts to sag more than normal.

Diet and Exercise

This is especially crucial after a major weight loss surgery. To maintain your new look, you will have to limit the kinds of food you are eating. If you want to keep the weight off, then you have to change how and what you eat. Not only dieting, but exercise will become crucial to staying in shape. Focus on keeping your body healthy and the weight will stay off.

Clothes Fitting Differently

You’ll have dropped several clothing sizes. At this point, your clothes will no longer fit. Remember that now you will be able to shop in stores that carry smaller sizes, and looking for the right fit will become much easier. This can come as quite a shock, especially if you have gotten used to looking for plus size clothes, but it’s one of the many exciting small changes you’ll get used to with your new body!

Secondary Operations

With a major weight change comes the problem of excess skin. Though it is not the end of the world, there is no reason to live with it if it can be taken care of. Getting procedures like a tummy tuck or a are ways to solve those problems and give you the body that you had worked so hard to get.