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4 Exercises That Lift Your Butt

Many people are now looking for the ideal exercises to tone their glutes and achieve that firm, shapely appeal. In addition to Brazilian butt lift surgery, there are many exercise options available. The key within this exercise strategy is to target your gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and your gluteus medius. This overall focus on the entire behind area will ensure the optimal results from your workout routine. Within this latest post, our Brazilian buttlift specialists take a look at four exercises designed to lift your butt and achieve the perfect rounded shape.

Heel Sky Raise
This exercise begins with you on your knees and elbows. From there, you place one leg straight in the air and flex out your foot. Try to focus on lifting your entire leg from your glutes. Slowly raise the leg until it’s in line with the rest of your body and then lower it back down. Try to pause at the top of each leg raise, as this will help give you the highest amount of resistance and the best results from your exercise regimen over time.

Lower Leg Lunge
The lower leg lunge enables you to target several muscle groups at the same time, shaping your butt and leg muscles. Start within the lunge position, with the back knee on the ground. Try to keep your chest up and your torso straight, with your belly pushed back against your spine. Bring your knee off the ground until you’re half way up and then place it back on the ground. You can do several repetitions a day to build lower body muscle.

The Bottle
The bottle is designed to target all glute areas with precision. The exercise begins with you lying on your stomach, your hands placed on the ground under your chin. You’re then going to keep your feet together lift your feet up and then move them forward as if over an imaginary bottle. After moving your feet forward and backward several times, you’ll begin to feel the tightness in your butt and hamstrings, highlighting the power of the workout.

Single Leg Ballet Kick
This exercise requires focus. First you’re going to draw your belly into your spine to maintain your balance. Then focus on something straight ahead. Keeping your shoulder and chest back, bring one hand down and touch the opposite toe. Try to stay perfectly aligned and get the back leg as high as possible to maximize the intensity of the workout. The aim is to straighten the hamstring of the standing leg, in order to build muscle through your hamstrings and glutes.

Our Brazilian butt lift experts can guide you in maximizing the appeal of your glutes through the latest workouts. To learn more on your exercise and treatment options, give our offices a call directly!