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“These are procedures that the patient has to be very carefully selected for – but the results can be dramatic.”

A thigh lift removes excess skin and fat usually caused by weight loss, from the thigh and buttock area.

This cosmetic procedure can also address: excess fat deposits in the inner thighs, weak muscles and stretch marks. It is often combined with a liposuction of the legs.

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Designed to Tighten Saggy, Wrinkled Skin on the Thighs Following Weight Loss or From Aging

Eliminates Stretchmarks

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The Procedure

The thigh lift surgery tends to be a more extensive one. For this reason, it is typically performed under general anesthesia. For patients with extensive correction, an overnight stay may be needed. However, most patients are able to go home the same day.

Excisions may be made in the outer or inner thigh, vertically or horizontally. Incision placement will be discussed prior to your surgery. Fat and excess skin are removed and the remaining tissue is redraped to achieve a leaner thigh contour. The incisions are then closed and dressed.

After surgery, compression garments may be needed to help the skin retract better and reduce the risk of blood clots. Physical activity should be minimized for the recommended period of time.

We have found that CytoDerma™ is an essential part of post-treatment recovery to help scars fade as much as possible. You can read more about silicone scar gel here.

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