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Dr. Priya Kesarwani is the facial plastic surgeon at Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic. As a board certified Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, Dr. P. Kesarwani has specialized training in addressing diseases, disorders and aesthetic concerns involving the head and neck. Read more about Dr. P. Kesarwani >
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“Many people who are bothered by ears that stick out or are too big can have them improved with a simple procedure that has great results”

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set prominent ears back closer to the head (setback otoplasty) or to reduce the size of large ears (ear reduction).

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Our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Priya Kesarwani, can also show you before and after Ear Setback photos from patients we have performed the procedure on previously, during your consultation.

Reduce the Size and Prominence of Your Ears

Permanent Results That Are Only Affected by Subsequent Aging or Trauma

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