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“Many people who are bothered by ears that stick out or are too big can have them improved with a simple procedure that has great results”

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set prominent ears back closer to the head (setback otoplasty) or to reduce the size of large ears (ear reduction).

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Reduce the Size and Prominence of Your Ears

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How To Clean Your Child’s Ears After An Otoplasty

An otoplasty is the surgical correction of prominent ears. This can be an important process for many children as they look to build social bonds. For parents, it’s critical to streamline your child’s recovery process by learning more on otoplasty and how to care for your child’s ears after the procedure. In this post, we’ll highlight how to clean your child’s ears after an otoplasty procedure.

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when undergoing an otoplasty procedure is the amount of time that a large portion of your head and both of your ears will be completely bandaged following surgery. Following the procedure, a patient’s head will be wrapped with heavy-duty cotton bandages called “fluff bandages,” for healing. After a couple of days, the fluff bandages may be removed, but lighter bandaging will need to be worn for an additional few days. After the first week, all of the bandages may be removed. For a few days immediately following the procedure you are advised to bathe only from the neck down, leaving the stitches to dry up and allowing the blood to harden.

Use a cotton swab

Once the child’s bandages have been removed, parents can then begin the cleaning process. The first step involves using a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide to remove the crust that has formed. This will help the wounds heal more quickly and will reduce potential scarring.

Apply ointment to the wound

Once the “crust” been removed, parents should apply ointment to the child’s wounds to help improve the speed of healing. It’s important to notify the surgeon immediately if the child experiences any skin reaction as a result of the ointment application.

Important otoplasty recovery tips

In addition to the cleaning process, it’s critical that parents gain a clear understanding on otoplasty recovery and what the recovery process might involve. The following is expert guidance from professionals on how to safely recover from the otoplasty procedure:

  • Avoid vigorous activity

The child should try to avoid taking part in vigorous activity in the weeks after their procedure. This will give the area the optimal amount of time to heal.

  • Keep the area cool during recovery

The ears should be kept cool throughout the recovery process. Parents can protect their children by ensuring they avoid extreme heat and limiting the use of blow dryers on their hair as they recover.

  • Avoid shampoo for a week

The chemicals in shampoo have the potential to irritate the surgical site. To avoid irritation during recovery, parents should refrain from using shampoo on the child in the week after the procedure.

The use of the otoplasty procedure can help children become more confident in their looks over time. To learn more on the procedure, its benefits and the otoplasty recovery process, call our trusted office team directly.

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