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Laser skin rejuvenation is a nonsurgical way to improve the health of your skin with laser technology.

The following three separate but complementary laser and light treatments can be customized to each patient’s particular needs. Skin care issues, such as brown spots, large pores, redness, fine lines and skin laxity occur at different levels of the skin.

  • Titan (infrared light) treats the deep dermis for skin fitness particularly at the neck and jaw line.
  • Laser Genesis (long-pulsed Nd:YAG) minimizes fine lines and large pores; improves texture by treating the mid-level of skin.
  • Photo Genesis (IPL) improves pigment and uneven skin tone on the most superficial layer of skin; reduces or eliminates brown spots, ruddy complexions, blotchiness and freckled skin.

Separately, each application has been clinically proven to reverse the many signs of aging. Together, the 3D Approach is the ultimate non-surgical cosmetic procedure to reclaim younger, smoother, healthy-looking skin.

To help with healing, application of CytoDerma™ silicone gel may be applied to keep the skin moisturized. You can read more about silicone scar gel here.

Choose from Advanced Laser and Light Based Technologies

For Aging Skin of Any Type

Minimal to No Downtime

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a laser treatment with no downtime for our patients that targets the microvasculature and stimulates collagen production. It improves fine wrinkles and skin texture, corrects diffuse redness and rosacea, and shrinks pore size. We also use it to get the red out of healing scars.

Cutera XEO

This is an Nd:YAG laser that repairs the skin to improve overall complexion and health.

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