Brazilian Butt Lift

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Perhaps you’ve noticed your posterior’s flat appearance, and would like to make your figure fuller and curvier?

Dr. Kesarwani has been performing the Brazilian butt lift for over 20 years. A Brazilian butt lift is another way of saying autologous fat transfer (transferring your own fat) to the buttocks. As one of the first surgeons in North America to perform autologous fat transfer to the breasts and hands, it was only natural that he included the buttocks as a target area. After all, Dr. Kesarwani has achieved beautiful, natural looking results in fat transfer for thousands of women in the country, and the same can be done for you!

Dr. Kesarwani is a pioneer in Brazilian butt lifts. He can give you the fuller, rounder and curvier buttocks that you’ve lost over the years, or simply never had. Most patients strive to achieve a waist-to-hip ratio of about 85%. For the Kardashian look, it may be more like 60%.

Gentle Liposuction Techniques to Reduce Unsightly Lumpiness

Higher Fat Concentration for More Effective Results

Careful Measuring and Surgical Planning to Give You Predictable, Successful Results

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Many women want to change the appearance of their buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift is an augmentation operation done to make you more well rounded, literally! You can talk with Dr. Kesarwani to get the outcome you desire. The surgery generally involves fat transfer into the buttocks region to add volume and improve its shape.

Many of our patients say no matter how many contouring exercises they do, they just can’t achieve the buttocks shape they want. What they really need is to add volume to the area, and the Brazilian butt lift does just that.

What Can I Expect?

If you are looking for more roundness and fullness in your buttocks region to balance out your overall figure, then this procedure is for you. Not everyone is a good candidate, but Dr. Kesarwani will examine the current size and shape of your buttocks, as well as how much body fat you have in other places to transfer to the buttocks region. Skin quality and elasticity also factor in, as do any pre-existing medical conditions that might make the procedure riskier or delay your healing.

Dr. Kesarwani takes great care in marking and planning your surgery. As a talented artist, he strives to recreate the right shape for each and every patient. This is not a cookie cutter procedure.

The procedure is done under anesthesia. Fat transfer from the body to the buttocks is done by liposuction and subsequent fat injection. First, small volume liposuction is performed to harvest the fat from inside a belly button incision or the inside thigh/leg. While the incision measures only millimetres, it remains well hidden. Generally speaking, the aim to harvest 3 times the amount to transfer.

The fat is then purified extremely carefully. Dr. Kesarwani has had success in helping fat transfer patients because of his meticulousness in removing as much non-fat material as possible. This gives you a higher fat concentration that is less diluted by other unnecessary cells.  Then small amounts are  injected into specific areas of your buttocks, as determined before your surgery begins. The ultimate goal is to inject in areas that will give you the results you want with symmetry and proportion that enhance your overall body contour.

After Your Surgery

You’ll be asked to wear compression garment that covers the liposuctioned areas as well as your buttocks for 4-5 days 24/7. You’ll need to keep pressure off your buttocks for 5-7 days — this allows blood vessels to grow within the transferred fat so that it can be sustained.

Once the swelling subsides, your changes will be immediately visible, but your body can take up to a year to adjust its appearance as the fat settles into the new area. Some of the initial transferred fat is harmlessly absorbed by your body as waste product, but most remains. It is common for 40-60% of this injected fat to survive, a percentage that is higher than other surgeons because of the gentle purification and injection techniques Dr. Kesarwani performs to protect the cells. If you gain or lose weight after surgery, you might experience changes in your buttock shape.

Consult Our Surgeon

If you’ve been thinking about making this change to your appearance, then come in for a surgery consultation. We will discuss your surgical goals and determine your medical history to tell whether you are a suitable candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us today at Cosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic in Toronto, Ontario and schedule your consultation. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Kesarwani, and his team will answer all your questions about the surgery so you can see if it is right for you.

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