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“These are demanding procedures being done for patients who have already made a remarkable change in their lives”

Cosmetic surgery can safely help you achieve the body shape you are looking for.

Sometimes there seems to be no natural way to get rid of stubborn areas of fat and loose skin that persist around the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs and arms following dramatic weight loss. If a healthy exercise and nutrition routine does not appear to be able to solve these problem areas, we offer a variety of plastic surgery procedures that you can consider to help you get the body you deserve. Board certified Toronto plastic surgeon, Dr. Kesarwani, can help you understand these advanced body contouring procedures so that you can finally feel confident and comfortable with your body.

Get Rid of Loose Skin and Excess Stubborn Fat

Extra Muscle Tightening to Give You an Hourglass Figure

Reveal Your True Body Contour After Weight Loss

Reshape Your Body After Dramatic Weight Loss

Massive weight loss body contouring is a technically demanding area of plastic surgery because of the complexities involved in achieving a natural looking transformation. It is a specialty of Dr. Kesarwani. He has been helping patients who have experienced massive weight loss either by diet and exercise or following bariatric surgery for many years. He has seen and treated all the resultant deformities that occur. Men and women who’ve lost a lot of weight relatively rapidly often require a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures to achieve their desired goals. Generally, loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat are primary concerns.

The most common procedures include excision of large amounts of excess skin and fat as well as tightening of the underlying lax abdominal muscles. They often required multiple, staged procedures to ensure safety of blood supply to the tissues and limiting length of surgery for these long procedures. Tummy tucks, liposuction, body lifts and thigh lifts are typical. For women specifically, breast lifts are also common.

Overall this is a group of patients that are very happy with their results. Our patients can finally enjoy their leaner figures without all the loose skin that used to hide it.

It is often the final step in their journey to turn their lives around.

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