Where Do You Take Fat From During Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

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Where Do You Take Fat From During Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Unlike fillers or implants, the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure adds natural volume to your breasts using your own fat — a substance that is readily accepted by your body and has no risk of being punctured, damaged, rejected, or of causing an allergic reaction, as it’s made of something totally natural that your own body has produced.

Because the new fat must be accepted by your body’s immune system, it has to come from you. The good news is that this means fat transfer is combined with liposuction: a lot of fat will be removed to slim down the “donor site(s)”, and some of the removed fat will be used for the injection in the desired area.

Where on my Body does the Fat Come From?

The most common location to take donor fat is from the mid-section and outer thighs. These areas generally have an abundance of fat, since they’re both common areas where most people store it as an emergency energy source. This makes the fat accumulated there quite stubborn, resistant to diet and exercise.

A note: recovery from fat removal on the thighs in particular is a little less intense than the mid-section.

By combining fat removal with fat transfer, you get better results from both procedures. Instead of throwing away the fat that is being removed in liposuction you can reuse it! 

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