What Makes a Brazilian Butt Lift Different?

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What Makes a Brazilian Butt Lift Different?

A traditional butt lift removes excess and sagging tissue and tightens skin to create a more toned backside. However, this process will not add volume to create that widely desired “bubble butt” associated with attractive, young, bikini-wearing Brazilians. In order to add volume and shape the buttocks with the desired contours, a fat grafting system must be used.

Brazilian butt lift takes fat harvested via liposuction from the patient’s abdomen or thighs and injects it into the gluteal area to improve volume and shape. By using autologous-fat transfer techniques patients are able to get the results they desire without risk of allergic reaction or rejection and minimal down time. Fat grafting is ideal due to the natural properties of fat which allow it to take on the characteristics of the area into which it is injected. This produces natural results with tiny, hardly noticeable scars.

A less invasive technique than traditional butt lifts, a Brazilian lift is one of the best ways to get a smooth, toned, rounded butt as results look and feel more natural. Because of the body’s tendency to reabsorb fat from grafts, it can take up to three months to see the full results. After this time some patients may wish to undergo a follow-up procedure as typically about 60-80% of transplanted fat will remain in place. Survival of transplanted fat is highly variable and often depends on the skill of the surgeon.

Results will last a lifetime with no maintenance required beyond the initial follow-up. This procedure requires between ½ pound and ¾ pound of fat and therefore is not viable for skinny people with limited available fat stores. The best candidates are between 20 and 30 pounds over ideal weight, in the late teens to early 30’s, and have skin that is in good condition (not saggy).

Recovery Time

Full recovery time is between 6 and 8 weeks depending on the health of the patient. Within the first week most patients can expect initial tenderness to fade and they should be able to move about without assistance. It is highly recommended to avoid sitting as excessive pressure on the buttocks during the first two weeks after treatment to help transplanted fat survive but after the first week most patients will be able to return to work.

Within 2-3 weeks patients can resume normal daily activities such as walking and easy exercise but should hold off on strenuous activities until they are fully healed. It is a good idea to schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor 2 weeks after the procedure to check that everything is healing properly and that there are no complications.

Liposuction recovery time may be different depending on where the fat was removed – consult with your surgeon for after care procedures and to find out when you should resume normal activity.

Dr. Kesarwani has been getting great results with all types of fat grafting. For more information on Brazilian butt lifts and how they can help you achieve the buttocks you’ve always wanted, give us a call.

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