What Exactly Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Do?

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What Exactly Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Do?

Want a great looking backside? Having a full and perky butt is a feature that can be provided by cosmetic treatments.

A Brazilian butt lift can get the results you’ve been looking for. It’s an effective procedure that is performed safely and effectively.

The following gives you everything you need to know before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift:

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift? 

The Brazilian butt lift procedure provides a full and prominent look to your backside while slimming the appearance of your waistline and thighs.

It works by using your own adipose (fat) tissues to augment specific areas to create the desired results. By enhancing the upper portion of the buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift procedure creates a lifting effect.

Understanding the Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift is performed through a few key steps. Liposuction is applied to help accentuate certain areas of the buttocks. For example, the areas around the thighs, lower back, and abdomen may be treated.

Once this step is completed, the fat tissue that has been removed is processed using a centrifuge in order to purify and concentrate it so that it can be re-applied to the buttocks.The fat is injected using a small tube. Dr Kesarwani will apply it at the required level of depth in order to optimize the absorption of the fat into the tissues.

The proper injection techniques must be applied. So, it’s essential that you work with a surgeon who has the skills and experience to perform a Brazilian butt lift. This ensures that you get great results that look natural.

Most importantly, the Brazilian butt lift is fully customizable for your body type!

Who is the Brazilian Butt Lift Right For? 

The Brazilian butt lift is effective for both men and women. If you’re experiencing any sagging or flattening of the buttocks, this procedure can help restore its appearance.

Patients often choose this as a way to correct unwanted signs that occur after a significant weight loss.

You also need to be in good health to undergo the procedure. Anaesthesia is required, so you should consult with your doctor on all the considerations you need to make.

The results you achieved must also be maintained through a healthy diet and lifestyle. This includes physical exercise to keep the underlying muscles strong and avoid losing any volume. Also, if you’re planning on losing more weight after the procedure, this can compromise the results you get. So it’s important to schedule your Brazilian butt lift after you have lost any unwanted weight.

The Brazilian butt lift is becoming the ideal choice in restoring the fullness of a healthy backside. The procedure uses your own fat tissue, which makes it a safe and effective way to finally achieve the look you’ve been after. Dr. Kesarwani has been doing this procedure since its inception, has a long experience with it and many very satisfied patients.

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