breast reconstruction

Things You Should Know Before Getting Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is a great way for women to feel normal after a life altering event like breast cancer. If you’ve decided to get a reconstruction done, there are a few important facts that you should know.

There are two different techniques for reconstruction surgery.

One way is done through the use of an implant filled with either silicone gel, saline or a combination of the two. The other method, called a flap reconstruction, takes of tissue from your body and transplants it to your chest.

Implants are quicker to recover from and are an easier surgery to perform, however they may require touch ups later on.

Flap procedures are more difficult and take longer to heal from. Though a good flap surgery can be expected to last a lifetime. The surgery is meant to create a breast that will mimic what your body looked like before, however this does not mean that your new breast will be the same as the one you lost.

While it will look like a real breast, and feel like one in your hand, unlike regular breast implants, breast reconstructions generally have little to no sensation themselves. Over the years however, some feeling may return to the breast.

Your new breast will not have a nipple, but don’t fret. After the surgery, and after everything has settled, the plastic surgeon will be able to create a nipple that will both look real and match your natural skin tone. A skilled tattoo artist will be able to do the same, depending on the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

Your surgeon is the best source of information on this topic. Talk to them openly about what you expect and want from the surgery.

It isn’t uncommon for surgeons not to offer both kinds of reconstruction. If they do not perform the one you want, ask them if they can introduce you to someone that can. Additionally, ask your surgeon for pictures of their previous work. This will be you give you the best idea of what your breasts could look like after surgery.

It may not seem like it since it’s such an aesthetic procedure, but this is still a medical procedure, and you will need to prepare for it accordingly. Avoiding certain medications and vitamins are specific to each person, but expect to go a full day without eating in preparation of the surgery.

To make sure your breasts heal properly, you will need a special bra. Your doctor will be able to tell you what kind you need, but expect to buy a couple of surgical compression bras.

Like any surgery, it will take time before you are recovered and able to do your regular activities. It can take six to eight weeks before you’ll be able to stretch and move around freely. If you choose implants, that time may be shorter.

The scars on your chest can be expected to fade within two years of the surgery.

These are just a couple common facts that should be thought about before choosing reconstructive surgery. To get information specific for your condition, medical needs, and preferences, speak Dr. Kesarwani today!