changing body shape

The Evolution Of Trends In Women’s Body Shapes

Century after century, some women’s body shapes have been more popular than others at certain times.

Society has always held definitive beauty standards, and women have worked hard to keep up with them. We have been chronicling those standards as far back as Ancient Egypt!

Often, tastes had to do with what was going on at the time. For instance, during the Han Dynasty in China (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.) the height of femininity meant a slim body with pale skin, long dark hair and red lips. Tiny feet were considered beautiful.

Almost every shape has been revered

The Italian Renaissance (1400 – 1700) loved women with fuller figures. Beauty equalled a rounder figure will full hips and large breasts. Although the 21st century has brought about an increase in body acceptance at all sizes and shapes, there are attributes that women still wish for today and can indeed get. One of them is a larger, well-rounded bottom, and a Brazilian butt lift can make that desire a reality!

Beauty icons

The women considered beautiful today don’t have the same figures as the sex symbols of the 20th century. The 40s gave us Lana Turner, while the 50s looked to Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe as their style icons. A pencil-thin, boyish figure like that of Twiggy was all the rage in the 60s, as it was in the 20s. Today’s women want to emulate celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, and what do they all have in common? Big butts — which were also in vogue around 1910. In the 80s, women wanted to to extremely fit. In the 90s, the bigger butt started to come back into style.

Big and bootiful

In the early 2000s, women wanted toned, round backsides. That has been upped today to big and round. If you’re lacking in the buttock department even though you do a bazillion squats every day and you wish you had more flesh out back, make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss getting a Brazilian butt lift.

Butts have stolen the spotlight

Big derrieres are so popular right now, they’ve taken the attention off big breasts. If you’re a woman blessed with both, you’re definitely emulating the style icons. Butt — oops — but you don’t have to sit around on your smallish bum wishing it was bigger. Getting a Brazilian butt lift may be your answer!