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The Call for Subsidized Tummy Tucks in Australia

Plastic surgeons in Australia are putting out the call for new moms to be subsidized for tummy tucks. Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is pressuring the government to provide rebates from Medicare for new moms suffering from post-pregnancy chronic back pain. This call began after it was revealed a tummy tuck may decrease new mothers’ incontinence and back pain by as much as 85 percent.

The tummy tuck surgery, regardless of the type, costs a minimum of $6,000 and is considered a cosmetic procedure. The President of ASPS, Mark Ashton, pointed out the unfairness of penalizing women for giving birth. He compared other procedures reimbursed through Medicare, such as the numerous operations performed specifically to relieve instability and chronic pain resulting from a sports injury. He believes since an abdominoplasty addresses pain and functionality issues and eradicates instability, it shouldn’t be considered any differently.

The Costs of Being a New Mother

There are approximately 1.6 million women in Australia currently experiencing chronic back pain. Urinary incontinence is an issue for more than three million Australian women. One mother stated that she would consider the procedure if it was less costly, and if she ever managed to lose the weight. She said an emergency C-section left an apron effect. Another mother stated her body didn’t need cosmetic surgery, as it was fine the way it is. Yet, another mother said she would not consider a tummy tuck procedure but was definitely interested in other available cosmetic options. Meanwhile, another said she needs a breast reduction rather than a tummy tuck.

The Pain Caused by Muscle Tears

The response to the push for subsidized or free tummy tucks has met mixed responses. Dr. Alistair Taylor, who serves Canberra’s CAPS Clinic, claims to perform roughly sixty abdominoplasty surgeries annually. Approximately twenty of them would be for patients wanting to remove excess skin, the rest being for mothers suffering from chronic pain after giving birth.

Dr. Taylor explained the reason so many women experience post-pregnancy pain. He said as organs shift and the uterus grows, abdominal muscles are prone to tear. This causes an instability in the pelvis and a bulge in the abdomen. The urinary incontinence and back pain are caused by this instability. The issue can be repaired by sewing muscles together.

If the push for a subsidy succeeds, numerous mothers will experience massive relief. Many moms want to have this surgery but simply cannot afford the cost. The subsidy would cover half the cost plus a private hospital.

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