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Liposuction – Who is doing the liposuction is more important than the technology.

There has been a lot of hype the last few years about new technologies in liposuction – including the SmartLipo, SlimLipo, BodyTite, Vaser and WaterJet systems. I have thoroughly looked into all of the new liposuction machines that have become available and have decided to stay with traditional tumescent liposuction for my patients.

The main reason to consider a new technology is if it is better for the patient. The Laser assisted techniques take much longer to do if done properly. Despite their claims, they have not consistently shown an advantage of tightening of the skin or quicker recovery and may be complicated with burns and scarring.

Toronto Liposuction patients want a reduction in the fatty layers, be left with a smooth contour and have a predictable recovery. Traditional suction assisted lipoplasty is the safest, surest way to achieve these goals. I had used ultrasonic liposuction extensively more than a decade ago when it was a new technology, but abandoned it, returning to regular liposuction because of more consistent results and happier patients.
It is the technique and experience of the surgeon operating the liposuction machine that is more important than the type of machine in deciding the final result. I am now using a procedure called SAFE Liposuction that uses special “basket” tip type of cannulas that evacuate the fat with less damage to the blood vessels and nerves and leads to an even smoother final result.

It is the hand operating the liposuction cannula and the experience behind it that will determine the final aesthetic outcome more than the type of machine used for our patients.

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