Questions To Ask The Surgeon Before Getting A Brazilian Butt Lift

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Questions To Ask The Surgeon Before Getting A Brazilian Butt Lift

Demand for Brazilian Butt Lifts are strong and growing, but this does not mean that all plastic surgeons who offer this cosmetic surgery procedure are equally successful at performing it.

You need to ask the right questions in order to find the surgeon who you want to perform your Brazilian Butt Lift operation, a fat grafting procedure that will get the best results if the right technique is used, and if it is done with an aesthetic sense and with an understanding of what you are looking for

What follows, therefore, is a list of questions you should ask plastic surgeons to determine whether or not they have the right expertise and techniques to successfully conduct your Brazilian Butt Lift.

  1. Experience Level
    How many Brazilian Butt Lifts have they actually done? You can seek visual evidence through such things as before and after photos.
  2. Procedure Process
    It’s also important that you ask the surgeon to explain exactly how they conduct the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. There are three important components, namely liposuction, fat processing, and fat reinjection. For the liposuction component, the fat should be extracted using the least traumatic technique so the fat cells to be reinjected are not damaged, usually with a fine thin cannula in order to achieve even results. For the fat processing component, fat needs to be purified and refined. Inadequate purification can result in less than desirable results. For fat reinjection, it is important that fat be reinjected using little cannulas in tiny amounts into healthy tissue so the fat picks up a blood supply and remains “living” fat that will last.
  3. Length of Surgery
    Brazilian Butt Lifts usually taken anywhere from three to five hours due to the fact that a lot is involved in the liposuction, fat processing, and fat reinjection components. You need to ask your plastic surgeon to inform you how long it typically takes them to do the surgery.
  4. Optimal Results
    You also need to ask the surgeon for their opinion on what they see as the best possible result that you could hope for from a Brazilian Butt Lift. They should be able to explain what would look best on you, based on your entire body composition.
  5. Updates
    You should ask about the possibility of redos or touch-up procedures and the costs associated with them. Redos and touch-ups may be needed.

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