financing for plastic surgery


It’s becoming more and more common place to revitalize your appearance with cosmetic surgery, which is great news for anyone with trouble-spots that need attention. Whether it is your face, arms, thighs, breasts or buttocks, there is a procedure that will remove unwanted volume and restore the look you want!

Of course, mainstream treatments and glowing results are only part of the overall picture. Cosmetic surgery is not covered by health benefits, so financing can be a sensitive issue before you can proceed. Luckily, options are available.

Your Consultation

It all starts with your consultation. You may have an idea about the types of procedures you want to have done, but your surgeon may have easier, alternative paths to get you to your goal. During the consultation, Dr Kesarwani will have a close look at the areas you want touched up, provide recommendations and show you before and after photos of work done in the past from similar procedures.

Once the treatment protocol has been decided, you’ll get a quote for the cosmetic surgery so you can figure out how to move forward with payments.

Financing Options

Naturally, cash is always the easiest and best option to pay for your cosmetic surgery. It’s a one-time payment and there’s no interest to worry about.

Bank Loans

A bank loan or line of credit with a decent interest rate works well for many people considering improving their bodies. If you have a good relationship with your bank or credit union and your credit score is positive, this may be a good option for you.

Credit Cards

If you have a credit card with a high limit, you may want to pay for your surgery that way. Some credit cards offer points or air miles every time you use them, so making a large purchase like this could help you in more ways than one.

Family Loans

Borrowing money from family members for elective cosmetic surgery might not be an option, but if it is you can usually avoid paying high interest rates on the payback. Just make sure any family member you borrow from is ok with you using the money for this reason, and work out a repayment schedule that works for both of you.


Financing that is specifically designed for cosmetic procedures is becoming more popular, and it is a valid option if you’re having cosmetic surgery. Ask your surgeon if he works with a specific lender, and then find out the details of the loan, such as interest and payment schedule. If this is of interest to you, check out our fees and financing page.

Lifestyle Changes

You might have to make some lifestyle changes and cut back in some areas to make it all work, but if you’re intent on changing your appearance, you’ll find a way. Just be diligent and research all your financing options thoroughly, then choose the one that fits you best.