How to Sleep Comfortably on Your Back After Breast Surgery

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How to Sleep Comfortably on Your Back After Breast Surgery

Sleeping on your back is a must after breast augmentation (or any breast surgery for that matter) for several reasons.

But what if you’re not a back sleeper?

  • It puts less pressure on incision lines so they heal better.
  • It puts less pressure on your breasts, allowing tissues to heal properly.
  • There’s less risk of displacement and contour irregularities.

Here are 4 tips that you can do to help become a back sleeper.

  1. Optimize your bed for back sleeping. This could mean getting a more comfortable mattress or adding extra pillows that can be placed around you. You may even want to put some light pillows on top of your body and face, to mimic that feeling of sleeping on your front.
  2. Resolve any health issues that prevent you from sleeping on your back. Sometimes, the reason people sleep on their front is because they have back pain or other body pain that prevents them from sleeping on their back. See a doctor to discuss how you can resolve this pain.
  3. Prevent yourself from sleeping on your front by making it extremely uncomfortable. Put awkward objects near you so that if you roll onto your front while you sleep, you’ll roll onto those objects as well. This can help send a signal to your brain that it’s uncomfortable.
  4. Start practicing sleeping on your back as soon as possible. The earlier you do it before your breast surgery, the more accustomed you’ll become to it and make it a habit.

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