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Being young at heart is great for feeling young, but how about looking younger? They key to youth is great skin. This is true for both men and women. Take steps to prevent and repair damage to your skin to restore your skin’s health.

Antioxidants are your skin’s best friend

Using creams loaded with antioxidants is a more direct way of delivering nutrients to your skin. A healthy diet will help, but a quality cream is your backup for any deficiencies in your diet. Antioxidants have been studied for their effects against free radicals and other environmental stressors which age the skin. We age faster than in more natural settings because urban areas have high concentrations of pollutants. Choose creams that have the word antioxidants in the label or are made from ingredients like red seaweed, white tea, and vitamins.

Target weak areas

Certain areas of the face see more use than others. The eyes and mouth tend to form fine lines and wrinkles as people age. Hydration is important for all parts of your face, but certain areas need more than the average face cream. The skin around the eyes in particular is very thin. Apply a high quality moisturising cream to that area once in the morning and at night.

Sunscreen for prevention

Too much sun can damage your skin. Your body benefits from exposure to daylight and generates vitamin D. There is such a thing as too much sun, which is more than your skin can handle. In addition to rapid aging, there is also the risk or melanoma or carcinoma. Sunscreen prevents skin damage, and ideally should be worn all times of the year if you’re out in the sun for more than a short period. This is especially important if your skin is going to be exposed to direct sunlight. Apply a sunscreen with a high SPF half an hour before leaving the house. Reapply every few hours, and maybe even more often if you’re swimming or sweating hard.

Makeup tips

  • use a light eyebrow colour and eye liner
  • blend your makeup
  • wear light makeup
  • avoid intense, shimmery colours
  • wear eyelid primer and skin primer that goes under the foundation
  • use light diffusing foundations
  • swap out the heavy concealer with a highlighter
  • a light diffusing powder looks better than face powder
  • a cream foundation is smooth and light