facelift makeup


After a facelift has healed, your skin will have changed drastically for the better! Your skin will be tauter, firmer, and healthier. You’ll also enjoy fewer visible pores.

At first, it can be difficult to adjust your makeup routine to the new you. By following these best practices, though, you can make the most of your facelift.

1. Less Foundation and Concealer

Foundation and concealer are products that are designed to even out skin tone. As we get older, these may become necessary because looser skin is more prone to blemishes and uneven tone.

Tauter skin, on the other hand, is youthful and glowing, meaning less foundation is needed to even out the tone. Let your skin breathe!

2. Use Loose Powder to Set Foundation

Powder is important after a facelift because running foundation is more noticeable on smooth skin. When powdering your face, use small amounts of loose powder. It does not take much to set a light foundation. Pressed powder is hard to apply lightly, so avoid it.

3. Look into New Products

A big advantage of using less makeup is having money in the budget for better makeup. After a cosmetic enhancement, nothing keeps you feeling great like putting the time and effort into staying at your beauty best.

4. Buy a Good Moisturizer

Your skin has been given a second life. Make your results last longer by using a great moisturizer and sunscreen, applying both whenever necessary.

5. Consider Trying a Different Focus

Professional makeup artists always choose one focal point of the face, like the eyes or lips. They emphasize this one feature while muting others. Even if you don’t actively choose a focus, you likely have habit of emphasizing one area over another. Experiment at home with different focus points to see which other facial features are ready to shine.

6. Be Gentle

Even if your surgical bruises have healed, more repairs may be taking place below the skin. Be gentle with your skin, especially near the areas of your incisions.

7. Have Fun!

Your skin is now ready to be shown off. Don’t be afraid to get creative, off-beat, or sultry. There’s a whole world of great makeup styles out there, so go try them out!