glabellar lines


We’re all familiar with the look that our faces take on in advanced years. Creases, fine lines and wrinkles make us look older than we should but, of all of these signs of aging, glabellar lines are probably the easiest to spot and least desirable.

What are Glabellar Lines?

As we age our faces begin to show signs of the passage of time. One of the most noticeable of these signs is glabellar lining — lines or creases that appear between our brows. They’re created by the daily use of our face, the muscles beneath the skin repeatedly clenching and unclenching as we make expressions like squinting or frowning. The more these muscles are forced to contract and release, the deeper an impression they create on the skin. When further aggravated by environmental factors (like sun or cigarette smoke) glabellar lines, like wrinkles, begin to develop. Younger skin is able to rebound from this stress and help to naturally ward off wrinkling more easily but older skin can fall victim to deep glabellar lining over time.

Glabellar lines may seem like a small issue but when they become severe they can lead to an enormous change in our appearance. Aside from making us look older, deep glabellar lining can also cause us to seem annoyed or angry to people, changing the way that others perceive us at first glance.

How Can Glabellar Lines be Treated?

Glabellar line treatment depends mostly on their severity. Some cases of glabellar lines are minor enough that they do not require any attention but if they’ve become deep enough that they change the appearance it may be worth considering Botox or injectable filler treatment, administered by a facial plastic surgeon trained in MD Codes.

Botox injection is able to interrupt neuromuscular transmissions (signals being carried between the muscles and the brains) through the botulinum toxin that makes up the main part of its composition. When these transmissions are halted by the toxin the muscles are given enough time to relax, affecting the skin above them and allowing lining to soften and, ultimately, smooth. Juvéderm is also an injectable but, instead of being composed of botulinum toxin, it employs hyaluronic acid to help plump up the skin and stimulate natural processes that can reverse common signs of aging — like glabellar lines. Juvéderm, like Botox, can eliminate even severe creases and lines with recurring use.

Regular Botox and/or Juvéderm sessions can drastically reduce the appearance of severe glabellar lines and allow you to look younger and more refreshed.