Can You Use Your Own Fat To Make Your Breasts Larger?

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Can You Use Your Own Fat To Make Your Breasts Larger?


Breast enlargement surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures, and has transformed the lives of millions of women worldwide. You probably already know that breast augmentation typically uses breast implants (silicone shells filled with silicone or saline). However, there is another way to enlarge your breasts, and even improve their shape!

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Some women prefer not to have silicone gel or saline breast implants but still want larger breasts. No problem! Your own fat can be used to increase the size of your breasts and improve their shape in a procedure known as fat transfer breast augmentation, or autologous breast augmentation.

This procedure is ideal for women who:

  • want to increase their breasts by a maximum of one bra cup size
  • want to slim down another area, like their mid-section or thighs at the same time
  • dislike the idea of having silicone or saline implants or don’t want to deal with the possible rare risks of displacement or rupture
  • want a smaller incision (incisions at the donor site and breasts measure mere millimetres)

Because your own fat is used, there is no risk of rejection. Your breasts will look and feel normal once the fat has healed, since breast tissue naturally has fat as well.

How does fat transfer breast augmentation work? 

Before you have the breast enlargement surgery, you may need to wear a special device to prepare your breasts for a successful fat transfer (specifically for patients with younger patients or those who have smaller and tighter breasts). This device, known as the Noogoleberry, is a mechanical suction device that increases blood flow to your chest and stretches out your breasts. This helps “make space” for the transferred fat.

In addition to stretching your breast tissues and creating a space for the transferred fat, the Noogoleberry increases the blood flow to your breast. This increased blood flow will help ensure the transferred fat gets a blood supply and becomes living fat. All fat that has picked up a blood supply and survived at 5 days after the surgery will remain permanently.

While the size and shape of the breasts enhanced with fat transfer will fluctuate with weight changes, aging, gravity and other factors, you’ll always have proportionately larger breasts than before surgery. Plus, the area the fat was taken from will always be proportionately leaner as well! Like any cosmetic procedure, even breast augmentation with implants, your body will continue to change with the passage of time.

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