Breast Augmentation: Who is a Candidate?

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If you have always admired larger breasts and think they would enhance your body, breast augmentation could be the right choice for you. You’ll be able to choose implants that will give you the volume you have always wanted. Choose from cohesive gel or saline implants to give yourself more firmness. You can have more control over your bust. If you are wondering if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation, here are a some qualifiers.

Your Breasts Aren’t Symmetrical

Many women find that their breasts are not the same. They don’t match in shape or size. If you notice that one breast looks considerably smaller than the other, you can address the problem with breast augmentation. Our plastic surgeon may suggest you only need an implant in one breast. Otherwise, implants of different sizes can be used to create a balanced appearance.

Your Breasts Aren’t What They Used to Be

You may have noticed that your breasts have changed with time. You may have gone through extreme weight loss, or maybe you had children. Aging may be taking a toll. Regardless of why your breasts have changed, you don’t like how they have lost their fullness. Breast augmentation paired with another procedure like a lift can help.

You’ve Never Had Much of a Bust

Some women have small breasts. In some cases, a woman’s chest may be flat. If you are one of these women, breast augmentation can help you to find a new confidence in your body.

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