nose job

A Millennial trend has brought a different approach to nose jobs

In the past, people wanted the perfect nose job. Today, this has changed due to the age of body-positivity brought on by millennials. Rhinoplasty is a procedure used to correct imperfections in the nose, ascribing to the previous ideals of a ‘perfectly' sized, narrow nose that represented the European standard of beauty. The techniques for plastic surgery have evolved in creativity, alongside the changing definition of the ‘ideal' nose. The patients of plastic surgeons no longer seek nose jobs to fit in. Instead, today's generation wants to stand out.

The History

Millennials take pride in their heritage. During the 80's and 90's, the trend favored smaller noses. Now, some men and women want to make their noses more prominent. Some patients choose to add volume to their noses, while others want the rather outdated rhinoplasty-types. The majority of these patients have already had rhinoplasty at another point in time, typically received as young adults or teenagers. Their desire was to fit in. These individuals have now matured into feeling more secure in their originalities, which many want back.

Nose jobs are becoming more individualized due to the millennial trend, and can be either non-surgical or surgical. Dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylaneare the simplest means of making a nose more pronounced at the bridge. These fillers can add a bit more volume, or even a subtle bump.

Non-surgical nose jobs have a more natural appearance – which is in fact, beautifully aligned with the current trend. A rhinoplasty is much more painful and requires a lot more downtime. Non-surgical procedures use a tiny needle, rarely make bruises, and results in neither pain nor much downtime. It is important to note that the results wear off within a couple of months. Either another injection or a surgical rhinoplasty is needed to make the change permanent. The upshot to the procedure is its one-time cost, after which you're done.

One of the newest plastic surgery trends is the reverse nose job. This is not about having a perfect nose, but a nose that feels right for each individual. This celebrates the concept of true beauty in its individualistic and authentic form. With those who still who want to chase their image of the ‘perfect nose', many plastic surgeons engage in long discussions with their patients about appreciating their own features. The bottom line is that no nose job is a one-size-fits-all.

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