5 Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

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5 Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

If you’re trying to get rid of stubborn fat, you might be tempted to try out fad diets promising quick weight loss. However, these methods typically rely on unbalanced and unhealthy diets to succeed. Likewise, some fat-burning pills lead to health issues such as liver damage, high blood pressure, and insomnia.

When it comes to trimming fat, you shouldn’t expect to see such quick results, as shaping and toning your body requires consistent dedication and hard work. Specifically, you’ll need to ditch those bad eating and drinking habits, incorporate regular exercise into your weekly routine, and stay motivated to meet your goals.

Stick to a Strict Diet Plan

As with any diet, it’s important that you make smart nutrition choices. You’ll want to eat plenty of protein-rich foods, including chicken breast, lean beef, turkey, fish, tofu, and whey protein. Eating a healthy balance of these foods is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass.

You’ll also need to cut out processed foods from your diet, including candy, potato chips, fast food, frozen dinners, and products with high-fructose corn syrup. Instead, opt for healthier options such as eggs, fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, black beans, and brown rice. Sticking to whole-grain and organic foods is also a good idea. For beverages, swap out the sodas and sugary drinks for water, milk, green tea, or coffee.

However, it’s OK to splurge on a cheat meal every once in a while, as long as you pair it with an intense workout session to burn off the extra calories. If you do it in moderation, it shouldn’t affect you much, but don’t make it a constant habit. Remember that having willpower is a key element to losing weight.

You also don’t want to go over your daily caloric limit. An average woman eats about 2,000 calories a day, while men take in around 2,500. However, you’ll have to lower that amount as you lose weight since your leaner body won’t require as many calories as someone of a bigger build. Remember, however, not to eat fewer than 1,200 calories a day. Otherwise, you could be missing out on important nutrients.

Cut Back on Alcohol

While the stresses of everyday tasks and responsibilities can encourage one to drink away their feelings, it isn’t a smart idea to indulge in alcoholic beverages if you’re trying to lose weight and cut stubborn body fat. Alcohol is more calorie-dense than carbs and proteins, and it has negative effects on your stomach, liver, and kidneys. Symptoms include dehydration, a paused metabolism, and lower testosterone levels, an essential hormone for reducing fat and building lean muscle mass.

However, you don’t have to give up alcohol altogether. Instead, opt for drinks with fewer calories or those with a higher alcohol percentage (since you’re likely to drink less). Red wine is a nice alternative, as well, since it’s often made with muscadine grapes that contain ellagic acid, a chemical that helps your body burn fat.

Get Active

While dieting can help reduce fat around the organs (visceral fat), regular exercise cuts the fat below the skin (subcutaneous fat). Both work hand in hand to help shape your body, though the latter has a bigger impact on how you look. You can start burning stubborn fat by working out in 30-minute sessions and incorporating a nice balance of aerobics, interval training, cross-training, and resistance training. 

These exercises add variety to your workout routine and help you burn fat in different areas of your body. When we talk about stubborn fat, nothing works better to tone and tighten than compound exercises. These include deadlifts, squats and lunges, dips, military and bench presses, and dumbbell rows. However, make sure you position yourself correctly and don’t use weights that are too heavy or too light.

Sticking with the same routine, though, means your body will adapt to the exercises you’re doing and the energy you’re exerting. This makes these workouts less productive over time, leading to little to no weight loss. You’ll want to reverse the effects by amping up your workout. You could start by adding an extra 15 minutes per session, working out more frequently, trying out new exercises, or increasing the intensity of your workouts. All this can boost your metabolism to help you burn calories and lose body fat.  

Stay Motivated and Focused on Your Goals

What it ultimately comes down to, whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 100, is having the desire to lose weight and get in shape. You can set yourself up for success by ditching your old habits and switching to those that encourage healthy eating and regular physical activity. But it takes more than just physical actions to get the job done. You also need to be mentally strong and have a positive attitude to keep yourself on the right path.

Remind yourself why you’re making the change in the first place. Lift yourself up with positive affirmations and encouragement. Tell yourself “I can do this” when you’re feeling stressed or unmotivated, and distance yourself from negative influences that could hinder your progress.

Burn Fat With SculpSure

If diet and exercise aren’t working for you, or you’re too busy to keep up with them regularly, SculpSure might be a simpler alternative to burning stubborn fat cells. SculpSure isn’t a weight loss method, but it can help you eliminate unwanted stubborn fat that’s negatively affecting your body contour.

SculpSure uses controlled laser technology to treat different areas of the body, including the chin, upper arms, thighs and abdomen, reducing the number of fat cells by up to 24%. 

What’s more, this procedure doesn’t rely on surgery, is Health Canada-approved, and is supervised by a licensed medical professional. It also requires no downtime, and the results are guaranteed and long-lasting. So, if you want your stubborn fat gone, SculpSure might be an effective alternative to traditional diet and exercise.

Getting rid of stubborn fat isn’t an easy task, but if you make a few lifestyle changes and put in the necessary hard work and dedication, you’ll find yourself on the path to a better, healthier you.

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