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5 Tips For Choosing Bras That Give The Best Lift And Support

In a high quality bra that's suited to your body-type, your breasts will be supported effectively for the optimal shape no matter what you're wearing. But it's not always easy to select the right bra for a high level of support. And so within this latest post, we'll present our five tips for choosing bras that combine high-quality lift with high-level support.

1. You Should be Able to Fit Two Fingers Under the Band

Remember when trying on bras that you should be able to fit two of your fingers underneath the band easily. If you can't, it could mean that the bra is too tight and will cause you pain in the coming years. It's also important to remember that if you have to pull the shoulder straps up during the day then the bra is too small for your body.

2. Move Your Arms When Trying the Bra On

To truly discover whether the bra is suitable for your body, try to move your arms about from side-to-side. You may find that band rides up or that your breasts start to fall out the bottom. This is a clear sign the bra is the wrong size. Try to adjust the shoulder straps. If you're still experiencing the same issue, you may need to go down a size.

3. Squeezed Back Skin Indicates the Bra is Too Big

If you're getting pushed up skin on your back when trying on a bra, then the bra may be too big for your body. Oversized bras tend to pull up the back fat. Choose a smaller size to ensure the bra sits in the center of the back where it's supposed to be.

4. The Wire Should be Flat Against the Breastbone

Most women struggle with under-wiring at some point or another. It's important to note that the wire within your bra should be flat against the breastbone. If it's popping up or moving around as you walk, the bra is the wrong size for your frame.

5. Moulded Bras are Designed for a Complete Cup Fill

If you have a moulded bra, it's important that you're able to completely fill the cup. This helps secure the bra on the body and prevents it from moving around. If you have space within the cup of a moulded bra, you may need to go down a size and test out a smaller piece.

To learn more on how to effectively size a bra for your frame, speak with our experts today!